Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Never Thought....

You may know by now that Aaron and I are addicted to Celeb-reality. Better than regular reality tv. We're watching that show on CMT where they're taking a handful of people and they're competing to become country stars. "Gone Country" or "Goin' Country". Something like that.

Anyway, being the sheltered child I was, when I first learned about Bobby Brown it was at the height of the drugs and abuse "allegations". So never did I figure that he would say something that I would totally agree with. But I did. It's simple so you'll probably be disappointed. :-p Morine (Marsha) was trying to wake him up and when he was talking about that to the confession-cam he said "Sleep is beautiful". And I agree. He also said he dreams of himself sleeping . . . which I do not do. lol

*update*~ I have, in fact, had dreams of myself sleaping.

Why was that worth mentioning? *shrugs* It's my blog and I'll write what I wanna.

P.S. The "Tell Us What You're ____:" thing is busted, so if you care I was gonna put that I'm playing FF XII since we haven't watched any new movies since Wedding Singer.

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