Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heavy Lifting

Firstly, I think it's funny (funny haha, not funny wierd) that the blog I tell people they can skip, I get the most comments on. :-p

Second, we started work on cleaning up the room. Yay. Finally decided to be selfish and bogart the trash can. I still think it's totally unfair that we only get one trash pick-up a week. So anyway, now the computer is in the corner next to the closet. We took the door off the closet. It looks like shit all open and gaping, but there's not too much room in here, so we did what we had to. The best part is that now the computer is more comfortable to sit at. Mostly. It'll be better once we get a better chair, or at least a cushion for this one. It's one of those folding lawn chairs. lol Either that or a bar stool. Executive decision and all that.

We still haven't found "300". I'm thinking he let his sister borrow it and forgot? Either that or it fell into that abyss off the edge of the bed. That and we're still missing the strategy guide to "Final Fantasy XII", but I'm pretty sure that's under the bed. Found a lot of clothes we forgot about. Not that many of them chewed up by the mice either.

Other funny thing. Aaron decided he wanted to pull the DVDs out of the box that we had set aside for my dad and just write down the titles so we could put them back up on the stack. Hoo-wee. Now our movie stack almost reaches the ceiling. We're almost up to 300 movies. Once we have a permanent home, I want to get a huge entertainment center with those rotating shelf-door thingies (like people have for a corner cabinet) for the movies. I think that'd be pimp. 6' revolving door on each side of the tv. All the movies arranged in some kind of order. Probably by genre.

I'm rambling again, I know. I'm done now.

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