Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!!

Today is that extra day out of the year that we get because the Gregorians decided to make up a calendar based around Roman Catholic and Protestant holidays rather than the moon and the cycles of the Earth. *rolls eyes*

Now before Lizzy's Random Trivia Moment turns into Lizzy's Huge Rant, Onyx did the cutest thing this morning! I went into the kitchen to load up the dishwasher and she was sitting on the counter staring at the pitcher with the spoons and whisks and stuff in it. Or so I thought. I called her, she stared; I yelled at her to look at me, she stared; I fwapped her tail, she stared! I looked up and saw a mouse peeking it's head out of one of the oven mitts hanging over the stove. She had the poor thing cornered. So I pinched the top of the oven mitt shut (at which point she lost interest and jumped off the counter) and took the poor thing outside to let it free.

That was not the end. Oh no. That would be too easy. Jet was outside and wanted to play! So the whole time I'm walking towards the back fence she's jumping up trying to grab the oven mitt and running circles around me. I almost tripped. I got to the fence, Jet in tow, and stuck the open end of the mitt through one of the big holes in the fence. (It has big rectangle holes, not tiny square ones) Took a bit, but it finally ran out, then tried to come back! I had to rustle the leaves and grass to keep it from coming back in the yard. Then once Jet noticed that there was something running on the other side of the fence she did a good job of keeping it at bay.

Helluva morning. Happy Leap Year Day!

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