Friday, January 11, 2008

When It Rains

Did it rain? It was supposed to, not sure if it ever did or not. Anyway, we were having issue with the van yesterday. I went out and it said there was more gas in the tank than there was. Like, a quarter tank more. I wasn't about to drive around on phantom gas, so I put some in before motivating any more. Then, when my mom took it to check the mail, the gear-shifter light was out and the speedometer wasn't registering. Lovely. So I did some surfing and found some people who were having similar problems. Their solution? Pull out the OID (IOD?) fuse and blow on it. So I did, and when we went out last night we didn't have any console problems. Just the "Engine Malfunction" light didn't go out like it's supposed to when everything's fine. So. When we got where we were going I checked the transmission fluid (since that's the only fluid I hadn't already checked) and it was fine. The engine was knocking, so I checked the oil and decided it needed some. So, we went to Wal*Mart (oh joy) and got a quart, put it in and it quit knocking. lol It needed lube. Today the "Engine Malfunction" light goes off like it's supposed to, so hopefully it was just trying to alert us to a possibly dangerously low oil level. Which, if that's the case, is great, cuz that was a problem we had with the original Christianmobile. Drove from here to New Jersey on the scantest amount of oil possible. My Uncle about had a stroke when he checked it. We had checked it, but apparently the dip stick (Haha! dip stick) was stained so we were getting a false reading. But I digress.

Buzz is doing much better. Still not back to 100%, but he's getting some of the gunk out of himself. Last night I wiped off his face and sat with him in the kitchen. I was petting him with my left (receptive) hand. He started purring so I just closed my eyes and petted him. After a while my hand started tingling. I figured it was getting tired, so I just kept petting him. He was relaxed and purring, so why not. When I opened my eyes, my fingers were kind of grayish. It could have been a shadow, but I thought it would be a good idea to run some water over it anyway. I told Jarly and she said it sounded like I was taking some of his sickness into myself, and that washing my hand was good. ^_^ Whether that's what happened or not, he's doing much better today. Moving around when we come out (he spends a lot of time resting in the spare room), eating and drinking more normally, and of course hacking up some of that nastiness. His situation's looking a lot more hopeful than it was a week ago. His one eye is still crusting up something fierce (like eye buggers run amock) but I'm just happy he's eating.

Elvis is doing alright. He still kicks his legs out when he's excited or upset (and on rare occasions when he's laying down), and he still tears up the room when we leave him alone, but he is doing better. (Aaron would like me to tell it be known that it's his stuff that gets torn into)

My dad's home this weekend, so if you don't see me on, that's likely why.

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