Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trophies For Me (neopets)

Think what you want, I like neopets. And these trophies I've gotten the past few days mean more than ones I've gotten in real life since I actually put forth effort into getting them. lol I've gotten 5 trophies (added to the one I already had) and I like 'em. So there. My pets have changed a lot, but I don't feel like uploading the pictures, so maybe later. I've been training Frijana (my main pet) some more, since I beat the opponent I was working on in the Defenders of Neopia line which means one more then I get to battle the ones for an avatar! Yay! Oh, and Frijana's not an Ixi anymore. I was looking through the pics of the converted pets and the Plushie Kacheek is way cuter than the new Plushie Ixi. So she's a Purple Kacheek for now. I'm trying to get the trophy for Round Table Poker, but it turns out I suck at poker. I guess that's all for now.

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