Friday, January 4, 2008

Temple Sucks

Let me say that again. Temple sucks. Sucks dirty donkey balls. We went to Temple today to get to the Target there. Wanted to see if they had different neocash cards than the one here does. So I went online to get directions. Found it was on General Bruce Dr., Exit 300. Easy as pie, right off the highway. Wrong. Dead wrong. Exit 300 is blocked off due to construction and Exit 301 takes you into a conglomeration of one way streets, split intersections and dead ends. (If you'll remember, Exit 299 takes you to Scott & White) The kind of funny part to that? It's the exact same area we've been lost in before. Once when we were looking for a pet store (which was worth the trouble once we finally found it) and once again when we were looking for the recycling plant. Same area. Still lost cuz none of Temple's roads connect where they should or make any kind of rational sense whatsoever!! Temple sucks. After circling the same block twice and making 3 parking lot U-turns we finally made it to Target. Bust. Same cards as here. *boo* But wait, there's a Micheal's right next door. Maybe they'll have some stones like Jarly said they do by her. Bust. Then, there was even more construction going on at the exit of the parking lot along the access road to get back on I-35!! *double-BOO* Temple sucks. Luckily Aaron noticed a back way out that he was pretty sure connected to the highway (said it looked like the area by the Temple mall, which it did, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't) and lo and behold! we made it back onto I-35 way ahead of those suckers stuck in the construction. Temple still sucks. Killeen sucks too, but at least when we're under construction it doesn't detour you into the ghetto.

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