Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Resolution Update

How much change can a person make in three weeks? Probably a lot. lol But I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule, so I'm not up all night and down all day. I've been organizing the files on the OWR group page. That's an intensive eyestrain in itself. And I've been keeping up with the dishes. Yay! May not seem like a super big victory since we got the dishwasher, but when you're married to a guy who LOVES to cook, it's like it's own endurance challange. My dad'll be home this weekend, hopefully I can convince him to go with me to Midas. We got a coupon for a free oil change, fuel fill and brake check, so hopefully that'll fix whatever's wrong with the transmission. I keep remembering how bad it was when the transmission was going in the Voyager, and the long walk down to Aamco. I couldn't make that walk from here, so if we have to leave this van down there, then my sister's gonna have to actually do something for someone else and take us there and back. Poor baby. *bah*

Elvis is doing great. Just need to find his brush, cuz his winter coat is started to get clumpy. Not matted yet, but it will be soon if we don't brush him. Buzz is doing . . . alright. He's still congested, but he's flying through his food. Which is good, cuz that'll help keep his strength up. Jet's fine. Hyper as ever, but she's learning new tricks. She can now beg and dance! I want to get her a little pink tutu and head bow and videotape her dancing. Apparently she got chilly last night (still need to fix the furnace, stupid pilot *grumble* keeps going out), broke out of the bathroom and jumped up on mom's bed. Mom wasn't happy, cuz it's an air mattress, but since she didn't pop it, I don't see what the big deal is. lol Onyx is the same. A little pissy, but she's been begging for the lovin'. She doesn't get the attention she used to since Buzz has been sick and she's not the least bit happy about it. lol

Oh, and if anybody knows what happened to our copy of "300" (the movie), could ya let us know? I'm pretty sure we let someone borrow it, and can't remember who. Aaron's convinced that it's just lost in the pile. Not the stack, the pile. lol I hope he's right.

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