Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 months/3000 miles

Yeah, the guys making money off of it tell you this is how often you should get your oil changed. Now, I am too. Monday (yesterday) my dad took the "Free Oil Change" coupon down to Midas and got the oil changed. As part of the coupon, they also inspected the brakes. Now, funny thing. We had the brakes replaced right before the big flood. However long ago that was. Right after the flood (and all of my forced driving through it) they started making noises. We had them done at Midas, and that's who looked at them and they said the brakes look good. Not just "they look fine you'll probably be seeing us in a month" but good. Yay! Now, all of those problems we've been having with engine lights and noises and grinding and shifting? Gone. Just like when we'd take it to Kwik Kar and they'd do the full service oil change and get rid of the noises and rumblings. Same thing, apparently. The only time it didn't shift gears when I wanted it to (meaning before it gets to 3) was when I punched it to get onto the access road before the mess of traffic made it impossible. But with normal driving it barely made it past 2. Yay! It's not squeeling anymore either. *shrugs* It had been 10,000+ miles since our last oil change so we're gonna try to not make that mistake again. It was just better when we "knew people".

P.S. I think I passed over it, but we watched Saw IV finally. Crazy stuff. In the days since we picked it up we've also re-watched II & III. They really do a great job of continuity and answering questions. There was only one question that we didn't get answered (upon re-watching and reflecting), but we're thinking it may be answered in V. Assuming there is going to be a fifth one. Which I'm kinda hoping there is. I love the Saw movies.

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