Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 months/3000 miles

Yeah, the guys making money off of it tell you this is how often you should get your oil changed. Now, I am too. Monday (yesterday) my dad took the "Free Oil Change" coupon down to Midas and got the oil changed. As part of the coupon, they also inspected the brakes. Now, funny thing. We had the brakes replaced right before the big flood. However long ago that was. Right after the flood (and all of my forced driving through it) they started making noises. We had them done at Midas, and that's who looked at them and they said the brakes look good. Not just "they look fine you'll probably be seeing us in a month" but good. Yay! Now, all of those problems we've been having with engine lights and noises and grinding and shifting? Gone. Just like when we'd take it to Kwik Kar and they'd do the full service oil change and get rid of the noises and rumblings. Same thing, apparently. The only time it didn't shift gears when I wanted it to (meaning before it gets to 3) was when I punched it to get onto the access road before the mess of traffic made it impossible. But with normal driving it barely made it past 2. Yay! It's not squeeling anymore either. *shrugs* It had been 10,000+ miles since our last oil change so we're gonna try to not make that mistake again. It was just better when we "knew people".

P.S. I think I passed over it, but we watched Saw IV finally. Crazy stuff. In the days since we picked it up we've also re-watched II & III. They really do a great job of continuity and answering questions. There was only one question that we didn't get answered (upon re-watching and reflecting), but we're thinking it may be answered in V. Assuming there is going to be a fifth one. Which I'm kinda hoping there is. I love the Saw movies.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jesus' Tomb Found

I caught this on the news (apparently it's fairly old news) and couldn't help commenting. The actual point of my bringing this up is not to debate whether or not this is, in fact, the tomb of Jesus and his family. My point is this: What if it is?

I've never had anything against Jesus. Even if Jesus lived exactly as described in the Bible, do I believe that makes him the son of God? Not necessarily. Would that make him any less of a remarkable person? No. However, what if it turned out that he wasn't crucified? What if he lived out his days as a family man. Would that necessarily debunk the "Passion" of Jesus? I don't think so. Assuming for a moment that that part of the Bible is also true, then someone died on the cross in his place and isn't that still the point of the story? Self-sacrifice for another? What if someone believed in Jesus the man so much so that he stood in for him on the cross? What if this was the original importance of the crucifixion and was later changed by those who wrote the Bible to give the story more "oomph". "Man sacrifices himself through Divine pre-destiny to save us all" would be a better selling point for conversion than "man sacrifices self to save man beloved by most." Those who compiled the Bible (specifically the New Testament) long after the death of Jesus, so what if they were given false information (as opposed to deliberately skewing the facts)? What if you were faced with this as fact, and not merely hypothetical? Would it change how you feel? Or could you have a greater appreciation for Jesus knowing that someone believe in him so much that he laid down his own life so that Jesus could live out his own? What if this man who died in place of Jesus were a terrible sinner? What if this sinner asked Jesus to allow him to do this as penance?

Or what of the family? Say Jesus did die on the cross as written. Does that mean he did not also have a family before doing so? No. For the vast majority of people family is the most important thing to them. Would you begrudge the man who died for your sins a family of his own? How important is it to you that Jesus died a bachelor? If it is, why is it? Wouldn't his death have been more significant if he, too, left behind a son? I think what bothers people most about this scenario is the woman most commonly hypothesized to be his wife. Mary Magdalene. The purported "whore". And so what if she was? Wasn't Jesus' entire message one of peace and forgiveness? If Mary were a whore, wouldn't that make his message more believable since he practiced what he preached? And what if she wasn't? Mary was an exceedingly common name (still is) and there is mounting support for the theory that there were more than 2 Marys in the Bible.

It's odd. For some reason it's so easy for people to believe that Jesus was the incarnation of God, and that's why people were naturally drawn to him, that's why he could perform miracles and that's what gave him the strength to die for 'our' sins. That's what made him special. Why is it so hard to believe that a normal human person would be capable of such acts? Wouldn't that make him easier to follow? I think too many Christians hang on to this because it gives them an excuse for their sins. "I'm only human." No one can strive to be Jesus, because he wasn't human. He was God in human form. Right? What if God came down and told you Himself (or whatever it would take for you to be unable to refute the fact) that Jesus was just a man. Just human. That anyone could strive to be as great a man as he? What then?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Resolution Update

How much change can a person make in three weeks? Probably a lot. lol But I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule, so I'm not up all night and down all day. I've been organizing the files on the OWR group page. That's an intensive eyestrain in itself. And I've been keeping up with the dishes. Yay! May not seem like a super big victory since we got the dishwasher, but when you're married to a guy who LOVES to cook, it's like it's own endurance challange. My dad'll be home this weekend, hopefully I can convince him to go with me to Midas. We got a coupon for a free oil change, fuel fill and brake check, so hopefully that'll fix whatever's wrong with the transmission. I keep remembering how bad it was when the transmission was going in the Voyager, and the long walk down to Aamco. I couldn't make that walk from here, so if we have to leave this van down there, then my sister's gonna have to actually do something for someone else and take us there and back. Poor baby. *bah*

Elvis is doing great. Just need to find his brush, cuz his winter coat is started to get clumpy. Not matted yet, but it will be soon if we don't brush him. Buzz is doing . . . alright. He's still congested, but he's flying through his food. Which is good, cuz that'll help keep his strength up. Jet's fine. Hyper as ever, but she's learning new tricks. She can now beg and dance! I want to get her a little pink tutu and head bow and videotape her dancing. Apparently she got chilly last night (still need to fix the furnace, stupid pilot *grumble* keeps going out), broke out of the bathroom and jumped up on mom's bed. Mom wasn't happy, cuz it's an air mattress, but since she didn't pop it, I don't see what the big deal is. lol Onyx is the same. A little pissy, but she's been begging for the lovin'. She doesn't get the attention she used to since Buzz has been sick and she's not the least bit happy about it. lol

Oh, and if anybody knows what happened to our copy of "300" (the movie), could ya let us know? I'm pretty sure we let someone borrow it, and can't remember who. Aaron's convinced that it's just lost in the pile. Not the stack, the pile. lol I hope he's right.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Water is essentail to our ecosystem, bringing vitality and abundance. Impure water from drains, sewers and stagnant ponds have the opposite effect. Bathrooms are more associated with cleansing and waste, so it is important not to overstimulate the water energy present here. Choosing colors other than black or blue for a bathroom help to achieve a better balance. In Feng Shui, water is supported by metal, so limit the use of white, chrome and silver. Since most bathrooms are overrun with white (and as renters there's little we can do about that), counterbalance this energy by introducing greens or browns where possible. Wood tempers water, and green plants can also offer this balance.

Water has a tendancy to let things, both good and bad, "flow away". Make sure to have any faucet drips fixed right away. Oftentimes all you need to do is replace the washer which is cheap and easily done without calling in a plumber. If this does not fix the problem, try popping off the top of the hot & cold water knobs and make sure they are screwed on securely. With most faucets this is also easy to achieve, and free if you already have the screwdriver. ^_^ For simple how-to instruction on these and other bathroom projects, visit DIY Network. While we're on plumbing, figure out in which area (compass direction) your bathroom is located within the house. In Feng Shui, the south east is associated with Luck, Wealth and Prosperity. To keep these energies from being drained away it is ideal to keep your toilet lid/seat down (aside from being more sanitary and asthetically pleasing) and the door at least mostly closed. This would be a good rule of thumb regarless of where the bathroom is so that you're not losing any of the beneficial energy offered by your home.

If your bathroom is located near your kitchen or the entrance to your home, it is also a good idea to keep the door closed/ajar, to avoid health problems (kitchen) or loss of opportunity (entrance).

The bathroom is the perfect place to accentuate the properties of Yin. Calming, peaceful, nurturing. Your bathroom should be like a sanctuary. Soft colors, pleasant scents and low lighting help achieve these feelings.

-----> Excerpted from "Mind Body Spirit"

Friday, January 11, 2008

When It Rains

Did it rain? It was supposed to, not sure if it ever did or not. Anyway, we were having issue with the van yesterday. I went out and it said there was more gas in the tank than there was. Like, a quarter tank more. I wasn't about to drive around on phantom gas, so I put some in before motivating any more. Then, when my mom took it to check the mail, the gear-shifter light was out and the speedometer wasn't registering. Lovely. So I did some surfing and found some people who were having similar problems. Their solution? Pull out the OID (IOD?) fuse and blow on it. So I did, and when we went out last night we didn't have any console problems. Just the "Engine Malfunction" light didn't go out like it's supposed to when everything's fine. So. When we got where we were going I checked the transmission fluid (since that's the only fluid I hadn't already checked) and it was fine. The engine was knocking, so I checked the oil and decided it needed some. So, we went to Wal*Mart (oh joy) and got a quart, put it in and it quit knocking. lol It needed lube. Today the "Engine Malfunction" light goes off like it's supposed to, so hopefully it was just trying to alert us to a possibly dangerously low oil level. Which, if that's the case, is great, cuz that was a problem we had with the original Christianmobile. Drove from here to New Jersey on the scantest amount of oil possible. My Uncle about had a stroke when he checked it. We had checked it, but apparently the dip stick (Haha! dip stick) was stained so we were getting a false reading. But I digress.

Buzz is doing much better. Still not back to 100%, but he's getting some of the gunk out of himself. Last night I wiped off his face and sat with him in the kitchen. I was petting him with my left (receptive) hand. He started purring so I just closed my eyes and petted him. After a while my hand started tingling. I figured it was getting tired, so I just kept petting him. He was relaxed and purring, so why not. When I opened my eyes, my fingers were kind of grayish. It could have been a shadow, but I thought it would be a good idea to run some water over it anyway. I told Jarly and she said it sounded like I was taking some of his sickness into myself, and that washing my hand was good. ^_^ Whether that's what happened or not, he's doing much better today. Moving around when we come out (he spends a lot of time resting in the spare room), eating and drinking more normally, and of course hacking up some of that nastiness. His situation's looking a lot more hopeful than it was a week ago. His one eye is still crusting up something fierce (like eye buggers run amock) but I'm just happy he's eating.

Elvis is doing alright. He still kicks his legs out when he's excited or upset (and on rare occasions when he's laying down), and he still tears up the room when we leave him alone, but he is doing better. (Aaron would like me to tell it be known that it's his stuff that gets torn into)

My dad's home this weekend, so if you don't see me on, that's likely why.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trophies For Me (neopets)

Think what you want, I like neopets. And these trophies I've gotten the past few days mean more than ones I've gotten in real life since I actually put forth effort into getting them. lol I've gotten 5 trophies (added to the one I already had) and I like 'em. So there. My pets have changed a lot, but I don't feel like uploading the pictures, so maybe later. I've been training Frijana (my main pet) some more, since I beat the opponent I was working on in the Defenders of Neopia line which means one more then I get to battle the ones for an avatar! Yay! Oh, and Frijana's not an Ixi anymore. I was looking through the pics of the converted pets and the Plushie Kacheek is way cuter than the new Plushie Ixi. So she's a Purple Kacheek for now. I'm trying to get the trophy for Round Table Poker, but it turns out I suck at poker. I guess that's all for now.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

No No No

Before I get into my rant du jour, everyone please keep Buzz (my grandpa's cat that we got)in your thoughts and prayers. He is sick. He's all congesty. As soon as we can get our hands on one of those baby booger suckers we're gonna try and clear him up. Hopefully enough so he can actually eat like he's supposed to. Hopefully it'll stay close to as warm as it's been, cuz the pilot in our furnace keeps blowing out, so it's been hellified chilly these past few days.

Now. It keeps coming up. I tried to let it go, but I just can't keep it bottled up inside of me any longer. NO ONE is "bringing sexy back"! No one. It's impossible to do, because you can't bring back something that never went anywhere. It doesn't work that way. There was never any span of time where NO ONE was sexy, so it couldn't have gone anywhere. It's always been there, and anyone who says that someone is "bringing it back" is blind in addition to stupid.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Temple Sucks

Let me say that again. Temple sucks. Sucks dirty donkey balls. We went to Temple today to get to the Target there. Wanted to see if they had different neocash cards than the one here does. So I went online to get directions. Found it was on General Bruce Dr., Exit 300. Easy as pie, right off the highway. Wrong. Dead wrong. Exit 300 is blocked off due to construction and Exit 301 takes you into a conglomeration of one way streets, split intersections and dead ends. (If you'll remember, Exit 299 takes you to Scott & White) The kind of funny part to that? It's the exact same area we've been lost in before. Once when we were looking for a pet store (which was worth the trouble once we finally found it) and once again when we were looking for the recycling plant. Same area. Still lost cuz none of Temple's roads connect where they should or make any kind of rational sense whatsoever!! Temple sucks. After circling the same block twice and making 3 parking lot U-turns we finally made it to Target. Bust. Same cards as here. *boo* But wait, there's a Micheal's right next door. Maybe they'll have some stones like Jarly said they do by her. Bust. Then, there was even more construction going on at the exit of the parking lot along the access road to get back on I-35!! *double-BOO* Temple sucks. Luckily Aaron noticed a back way out that he was pretty sure connected to the highway (said it looked like the area by the Temple mall, which it did, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't) and lo and behold! we made it back onto I-35 way ahead of those suckers stuck in the construction. Temple still sucks. Killeen sucks too, but at least when we're under construction it doesn't detour you into the ghetto.