Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sick Cats, Battlefields & Jingly Bells

I was going to put this off until tomorrow, but I was working on a buddy's laptop, had to connect for some stuff anyway and figured why the hell not?

First part is a warning for you cat lovers out there. Remember we got Buzz from my granpa a little ways back? Well, poor kitty was having a REALLY bad day the other day. He couldn't poop. He tried, and when he tried, he'd vomit. Apparently, this is not uncommon in older cats. Especially male cats. The best thing to do is to have them on a 90% moist food diet. If the cat gets to the point where they can't poop, try to get them to eat either pumpkin pie filling, or mineral oil. If that doesn't help, it's either a very expensive vet visit or . . . yeah. We're not 100% sure he's pooped, but he's eating his cans now and he looks infinitely better. We just have to keep his and Onyx's food seperate now.

We made the mistake of going out on the 23rd for a last minute present. *faints* It was terrible!! It's something we usually try to avoid at all costs, but some people can be so hard to shop for. lol We did, good, though. We were like Ninjas. Made it in and out of Wal*Mart in 1/2 an hour. *whoot*

Last night we went out to Autumn & Frankie's for the pre-Christmas dinner and gift exchange. We did so well! Minus Gavin was a little less than enthused, Maddy got exactly what she asked for (which we knew nothing about until after we got it), got Frankie something he's been wanting for work (which we didn't know until after he opened it), and Autumn LOVED what we got her. Apparently the fancy sun's have two different kinds of faces. One plain and one more detailed and we got her the kind she likes! Yipee!

My dad was ecstatic about his mp3 player and my mom can't wait to get pictures into her digital photo keychain. Everyone liked what we got them, and that's what matters . . . to us. lol Oh! We got a cute little dress for Jet!!! She looks so adorable in it! It's wierd, cuz it fits, but it's shorter than I expected, but that's good, because it leaves her belly exposed so she doesn't over-heat.

Hope everyone out there in web-land had a Merry Christmas!!

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