Monday, December 10, 2007

Neopets Fun

Okay. Some of you won't get how cool/funny this is, but some of you will. I was fiddling around on my side account since I had done everything I wanted to on my main account. I took my Xweetok to the NC Mall to try on some stuff to see if I could make her creepy. It didn't work. All the creepy accessories on neopets can not make a Xweetok un-cute. Anyway, I decided to check my deposit box and I still had my two 'starter' paint brushes. Then I remembered two things. 1 - That I had an Usul. 2 - In my main account I had Usul accesories from when I had an Usul and zapped it into something else. Hrm. The gears started to turn and I had the funniest (to me at least) idea! I took both paint brushes and my Usul to the Rainbow fountain. I used both of 'em, then went to customize her and came up with this:

A green Usul with a red headband and blue bow!!! Good stuff.

On my main account, I've collected all of the Altador Cup Team backgrounds. I'll probably never use most of 'em, but I have 'em in case I want to. My pets have changed up a lot (except for my main one) with stuff I've collected both on my own and through the Advent Calendar. Some of the prizes have been great, some crap, some okay. All in all I think it's better than last year. And now I've got my neohome I'm working on so I'm making sure I don't get rid of any of the furniture like I used to. *sigh* The stuff I used to have. Whatever. I know better now. There's a lot of stuff I'm not getting rid of just in case it turns into something for customizing later. lol

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