Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mix Tape

This is something I've probably been giving more thought to than I should. I think the new digital age has pretty much ruined the Mix Tape concept. There, I said it. Back in the day when someone made you a mix tape, you know they put a great deal of effort into it. Even if you already had tapes with songs on them that you wanted to put on the mix tape, you had to set up your double tape player, line up the song, sit through it and stop it. If you weren't lucky enough to have both of these things, you had to sit with the tape in the player, listen to the radio and hope that the songs you were looking for came on. That's when you get snippets of DJs or commercials. ^_^ Which, in my opinion, added character. Then there was the dreaded method of holding the microphone up to the TV or radio which screwed up the sound pretty bad, but still showed effort on the givee's part.

Now, what? Mixed CDs? Whiptee-doo. Ya set up your computer, download the songs overnight (while you sleep, such efforts) and burn them to a disc. 3 for a dollar at Dollar Tree. If you're really feeling generous you can print off a label for the CD with a nice preformated program. *rolls eyes* I loved getting mix tapes with artwork drawn directly onto it. It showed effort. That old adage "It's the thought that counts"? That sort of applies here. Only it's not really thought, it's effort. I could sit here and burn off 6 CDs (that's how many blank ones I have laying around) in under an hour. And what does it mean? Nothing. It means I'm bored and wanted to burn off a CD. Cuz it's that easy now.

If someone's going to burn off a mix CD and expect it to have even 1/2 the impact of a well thought out mix tape, then they better really put some effort into it. Songs no one else knows you like, snappy artwork that fits your personality. And hey, take the time to make up a case for it. Oh, and just a tip. Make sure it's not re-writeable. Otherwise it will be.

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