Friday, December 14, 2007


Wow. I think since I opened up my Myspace account this is the first day I've logged on to absolutely nothing. Hope y'all are okay out there. I'm super thrilled cuz I just found out that neocash items (most of 'em anyway) don't expire anymore! Yay! When I got my neocash card I felt kinda guilty that the items were only gonna last a year, even though a year's a long time, but they changed their policy and now most items will not expire. I went through the NC Mall and checked all of the times I got from there and none of 'em are gonna expire! *whoot!*

Yes, I'm fully aware that Christmas is right around the corner. You'll have to excuse me for not jumping up and down with glee. Yule is in only 10 days and I still don't know what I'm gonna do for that. With all of the staples and stuff we still have to pick up for Elvis it's gonna be a pretty slim Christmas, but that's not what it's really about now is it? It's the joy of giving (we're donating a large portion of our crane prizes to the less fortunate kiddies) and spending time with loved ones.

Speaking of charitable donations, I'm not sure if y'all heard, but they said on the news that there is this guy (I don't know his name, my mom was telling me about it) who won $300million in the lottery (lucky bastard) and not only did he donate a ton of toys, he also went by a homeless shelter and took 381 homeless on a shopping spree in Target! That man deserves an award for best use of lottery winnin's I've ever heard of. Most people say "If (we say when) I win the lotto, I'm gonna use the $$ to help people" but he actually made good on it. You go guy.

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