Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I hope 2008 brings everyone much joy, happiness and just enough pain and sorrow to make the good stuff better. Good balance, good balance. This year I'm not going to make any traditional resolutions. I know the things in my life that I want fixed and I'll work on them, but I'm not going to resolve to do it. Those things get forgotten by mid-February anyway, and then when you realize around June that you haven't fulfilled them you feel like shit. So no, I'm not going to resolve to lose 10lbs, I'm not going to resolve to quit smoking, I'm not going to resolve to get a job/car/house. I am going to resolve, simply, to "make change". That's it. Even if I learn something new, I'll have fulfilled my promise to myself. Then I can feel good. Confidence builder. ^_^ Then I can push myself without feeling like I have to do anything. I can go back to pushing myself because I want to. Setting my own goals for the sake of wanting to.

I do have at least one thing to look forward to this coming year. Aside from a whole extra 24 hours. This coming year on my birthday is a full moon and it's my 10 year anniversary as a Wiccan. 10 years. Sure I'll be just shy of 30 years old, but it's an accomplishment. And being on a full moon was just luck, so I'm definetly going to take advantage of it and plan out something special. I should start planning tonight before I get all busy and another year just flies by without my noticing. Oh! Also, this (coming) year, my time with Aaron will officially be my longest relationship. Hurray!! Took long enough. lol He'll say us getting married negated all that, but for my own piece of mind I'm glad that milestone'll be crossed. The last vestige of a relationship that was over before it was over. I won't go into it, I may have already, but if not, it's something for another day.

Y'all be safe tonight! Remember, if you have to work, tomorrow was the kind of day that sick days were made for. ^_^

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