Friday, December 7, 2007


I have finally finished 'Salem's Lot! The book (story part, that is), the "deleted scenes" as they're called which were excerpts from the original transcript, and the 'afterword'. Finally!! But. . . . now I don't have anything to read in the bathroom. lol I'll find something. For those of you who read this that I haven't talked to already, Elvis is doing okay, but not as good as he was. Today we're going to pick up that joint medicine (it's been a long week) and hopefully some shampoo to help with his skin. If the joint stuff doesn't help, then we may have to put him on a puppy asprin (yes, there is such a thing) regimen; and hope like hell that he's not allergic. At least he finally ate! It was kind of scary with him vomiting and then not mushing us for our pizza, but he finally ate his mighty dog and some of his kibble. *phew* Just right now he's on his back precariously close to the edge of the bed and if Aaron rolls over I'm afraid he's gonna get knocked off . . . . such perils.

Yeah, I'm bored. Just typing to hear myself type, I suppose. lol Had another crap haul from the neopets Advent Calendar. I hung onto 'em just in case, though, cuz they seem like they could end up being something useful later on. *shrugs* And if not then whatever. I don't keep much in my SDB anyways. Some avatar/sidebar stuff, furniture for rooms as yet unbuilt and random crap that may or may not be useful some day. ^_^ I'm almost back up to a million neopoints. Which means just 10 more million for the avatar I'm going for. whipee

I'm sorta happy and sorta sad. My dad has had the worst most hellacious week, so when he gets home we're making homemade lasagna and pineapple upside-down cake. Yummy!! Two of my favorite foods as well, but the circumstances suck. I wish Schneider would quit trying to fuck him just cuz he's one of the strongest non-supporters of being shuttled to and from Dallas!! Can you believe that shit?! First they close down the lot next to that church across from PuttPutt, and now they're trying to close down the one behind HEB in Heights so they can spend all kinds of money shuttling their truckers all the way from fucking DALLAS and back. SHUTTLING!!! Like he said, "What happens if I run into traffic or have a problem with my load and don't get into the lot until just after the shuttle leaves?" He's got 2 days every 2 weeks, why the hell would he want to spend it in Dallas waiting for a shuttle to come and get him and then have to leave early to get back up there? Un-freakin-believable. I tell ya, once Aaron and I win the lottery, that man will never have to work again unless he wants to. None of this workin' a job he hates just to pay the bills bullshit.

Man I wish I wasn't so tired so I could catch more of this Monk marathon. Such a funny show.

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