Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You?

Let me just say that this was not my favorite book growing up. That would be "The Digginest Dog" as evidenced by my dad's ability to recite it word for word. Seriously, he just did it last time he was home. Seriously. All that pot in the 70s didn't hurt his memory one bit.

Anyway, since I referenced Dr. Seuss in the last survey thing, it occured to me that there are probably some people who may know the good doctor, but still not catch the reference. So there it is. Pontoffel Pock was made into an animated movie in 1980 and you know Dr. Seuss is so freakin' catchy there are parts of it that are still stuck in my head. I was going through a list of Dr. Seuss titles and was amazed, and slightly scared, at how many I remember. ^_^

The story of Pontoffel Pock is that he worked in a dill pickle factory, but he sucked at it. So he wanted to get away. Then this guy shows up with a magic piano that will take him anywhere in the world. You press a few keys and then pick one of the hundreds of colored buttons and *zooom* you're there. So anyway, he ends up in some kind of middle eastern place, runs into a belly dancer, the Sultan is chasing them, then get to the piano and he says, "Pick a color, any color" and she yells "White!". So, that's where that came from. Oh, and just so I don't leave you in suspense, they end up back at the dill pickle factory, but I'm pretty sure the piano got smashed to smithereens and they both end up working in the factory. After his adventures he doesn't suck at jarring pickles anymore. (You push on the Pushem and pull on the Pullem, how hard is that to begin with?)

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