Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Misc Stuff

First off, Elvis is doing even better. Aaron went out last night and I had to go pick him up, and the room was not torn to hell when we got back. ^_^ Yay. We've been able to move around, keep the light on and talk in normal speaking voices. Hurray! And, those pills we picked up to calm him down, we're giving him 1/2 of what we were. He doesn't need the full dose, so we're not gonna give it to him just to knock him out. And thank you Jarly, for the info on Tractor Supply. ^_^ If we can get the flea drops there for cheaper, then that saves us a trip to the vet.

I finished up the Game Master Challange. On the first last day (they extended it 1/2 a day) before I even took my dad to work. ^_^ The prizes weren't super great, but there were a few books and plushies, which was nice. I got a Split Lenny Morphing Potion which I'm hanging onto. The market's saturated with 'em now, so I'll give it time. Unless I end up deciding to use it. Maybe I'll pick up another one while they're so cheap, just in case. ^_^ They've got the Advent Calendar coming up in a couple of days. *runs around in circles* Hopefully this year I'll be able to get it every day.

Dang. I need to get to the bank. I've been doing so well keeping my checking account afloat, and I am loving this notebook thing, I don't wanna screw it up right before Christmas. Dang! Especially since I just checked the site and they're supposed to be shipping out my next set of pages tomorrow! Dang. lol I hope there's more of the birth chart ones in there. It's going to have 200 pages for the astrology section alone, and I know I've got that site where I can generate my birth chart, but I want to be able to actually do it myself.

Now that things are heading back towards "normal", I've had some ideas for pics so I can get one that better suits my cutesy profile. ^_^ Oh, and "Stranger Than Fiction" was a damn good movie. It did not disappoint.

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