Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Like Flies

One day I'll get around to listing my Top 10 list of favorite Futurama quotes like I wanna. Instead I find myself wondering two things. Whatever happened to that surplus army issue silver (probably aluminum) cross on the thick black string I got? Thank you very much Mr. King for putting such things in my mind. And whatever happened to that huge (softball sized) chunk of quartz my dad found in a parking lot and gave to me? I really wish I had that right now. I have another big chunk that's slightly smaller, but kind of yellow. The one my dad found is white and clear. I know Aaron remembers that quartz, cuz it's one of the first things that made me know that he was OK with who I am. I also wonder whatever happened to the other silviron ring I got for Aaron (aka, my engagement ring to him) and my poison ring which just vanished into thin air. Likely before we moved, since I can't remember the last time I saw it. I really want to either find it or get another one. Also, why is it that out of all the earrings in my jewelry box, not a single one has a matching pair!? They're all single earrings. It makes no sense. I think the dryer monster's been rifling through my shit. The worry dolls Aaron got for me after we got married are MIA also. I tell ya, as soon as we're moving into our own place, I'm going through every single box and bag piece by piece by piece. Between both of our stuff it'll be a helluva haul, but it'll let me know what needs to be replaced. . . . except I better find that silviron ring since (refers to previous blog) I can't replace it. Also, Sandy, if you're reading this, did you take that cute little green dress with you, or leave it with me? If I've got it, I'm definetly looking for it cuz it looked great on me. ^_^

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