Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I really need to change my setting so it automatically starts typing in this font. Pup's been doing really well. Only a couple of leg kicks that could have been his foot bothering him cuz he keeps chewing on it! Aside from the initial panic attack of "what the hell are we gonna do if something really bad happens!?!" it's been nice not having my mom around the past couple of days. I feel bad for Jet cuz she keeps getting shuffled between outside and the bathroom. (She can't be trusted by herself cuz she's still in that "I'll eat whatever I see" phase) But mom'll be home tomorrow (today) and she can spend all kinds of time with her. Whether she wants to or not. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm really hoping my dad doesn't come back until Friday or Saturday cuz I am NOT going out Thursday to pick up the last of the stuff we need. Uh-uh, no way, not me. Nope. This stupid crackhead town is full of crackheads who have to wait until the very last possible freakin' second to get their holiday fixin's and I'm not gonna deal with them. Tough shit if we have to have Thanksgiving on Friday. At least we already got the turkey. Aaron named it Simon. Yes, we name our turkeys too. I'm almost 2/3 done with Salem's Lot now. I'm liking it. I think I just started it too soon after coming off the Dark Tower series. lol Stephen King overload!! Speaking off, still gotta see 1408 and I really wanna see The Mist. *sigh* Some day. I'm caught up on dishes and the refridgerator is finally keeping itself under 38 degrees! *whoot* I know, I got skillz. I'm working on a humungous cross-stitch for my mom. Probably won't be done by Christmas like she wanted, but I've made a lot of progress these past couple of days. Uhm . . . I guess that's it! *yay*

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