Saturday, November 24, 2007

Game Master Challenge (neopets)

Firstly, for my faithful readers, Elvis has done really well today. The morning started off rough with the leg twitching, but he slept a lot and even ate at least 1 big ol' handful of turkey! Of course, this is why the scientific method works, cuz we have no idea if it was his time with Gracie (dog next door), the pills I got him, the turkey, the lavendar scent everywhere or just passing time. lol Either way, I'm hoping for an even better tomorrow and a decent night's sleep tonight.

Now, I've been passing my time with the new challange they have on neopets. It's not like the Daily Dare from before (which I was kinda hoping it would be). It's got 5 challanges every day for a week. Every five challanges nets a trophy upgrade. *hurray!* Only two more days left. I'm all caught up so far, but I have a feeling these last two days are gonna be tough! I'm going for top prize, though. Just wondering if the last day of challenges is going to be the last day to complete them. Wouldn't that be something? lol

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