Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay, so when TNT (The Neopets Team) decided they were going to make it so you could put clothes and stuff on your pets, I was all excited. Then the way they went about it with certain colors not being able to wear the clothes and putting out so few that they were all kinds of expensive, I scoffed. But, time moves on. Last week Aaron picked up a Neocash card for me (available only at Target ^_^) and I found a few things that were neopoints cheap, and here's what I've got:

First let me introduce to you JubJubLucky4Me. He started out as a JubJub. This is my Lab Ray pet, so he changes a lot. You can see him here looking stylish in a potato sack and an orange/purple split background.

This here is Spyke1980. He was Terrawolf's Skeith, which has been zapped. You can see him (her? I'm not sure anymore) at the Altador Cup arena cheering for Team Altador! The neck cuff, tail bracelet and wing bling are all courtesy of his (her?!) stylish desert color. There was a head piece, but I took it off. ^_^

And here comes Hazeynut . . . or is she going? She doesn't seem too sure! She is also at the arena, but cheering for my previous team of Kiko Lake! Note the snazzy wax lips and the floating novas bought fresh from the NC Mall.

Last, but certainly not least, my original pet, my pride and joy, Frijana! Looks like she's been exploring the Faerie Library. But what's that!? There appears to be a Ghostkerchief floating behind her! Now, you can't see it here, but in the flash image of my pet, the library windows open and books and papers fly around the room and the Ghostkerchief floats around also. ^_^

So there's my customized pets. lol

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