Monday, November 26, 2007

Back From The Vet

First off, I have to give credit where due. Elvis was such a good boy for his first vet visit! Such a good boy. His parents are ever so very proud of him! ^_^ Now, we couldn't afford any in-depth diagnostics, but Aaron talked to the vet about everything he's been doing and answered all of the vet's questions and he (the vet) said it did not sound like a stroke or seizures. Since he doesn't have any tender areas it's unlikely that he's injured his back. So *phew*! Without the diagnostics he couldn't say for 100% sure, but he said it's probably either the fleas (we have kind of country living, so fleas happen) so we need to make extra certain to keep those in check, or it could be his joints, like arthritis or just weak joints. The lady next door highly recommends this stuff she gets for Gracie, she's not 100% sure, but she thinks it's called Optima 365 or something? They're picking some up either tomorrow or Thursday so she can show me the bottle before I go out and we'll pick some up for him. It's almost $20 a bottle, but he's more than worth it. They were also very impressed with the herbal supplement I picked up for him with the valerian in it. Said it won't hurt him, and if it's helping then there's no reason not to give it to him. Also said if that's "the way we want to go" then we can look up herbal stuff for his joints. Although, they did "recommend" a prescription. Hopefully I'll be working come January, so if things don't greatly improve with what we're doing then that's our first order of business is taking him back for some diagnostics. Hopefully, though, it won't be an issue. They have a strick policy of treating dogs who have fleas (with flea killer) so we paid for that, and he seems to be doing a lot better already. He was a little anxious in the car (he always is, never likes going in the car), but other than that he's only had a couple of little twinges. *fingers crossed* Oh. lol Only thing he had exception with was getting his temperature taken. ^_^ Didn't like the thermometer up the butt. Other than that he behaved so much better than we could have dreamed.

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