Monday, November 5, 2007

Accupressure Points

First, to answer Sandy's questions, yes, there are acupressure techniques that can be used to help diabetes. Check HERE and for some search results to search through, HERE.
There are pressure points mid-sternum and mid-abdomen which will help with general weakness.
Pressure points at the top of the head, under the nose, and between the shoulder blades can help relieve back pain, stiffness, headaches & stress.
Points at the top of the shoulder, below and to the outside behind the knee, towards the outside of the mid-calf, and the outside of the base of the skull (in the back) are to alleviate headaches, blurred vision and shoulder pain.
Apply pressure to the top of the wrist for insomnia.
For lower back pain or hiccups the pressure point is the top center of the foot, just below the ankle.
Points at the inside of the elbow {one is above and towards your body and one is below and on the outside}, and on the top part of the wrist, one slightly above and one slightly below are good for relieving coughs & general chest congestion.
If you're having a hard time concentrating, apply pressure to the point about 1/4 of the way up your arm from the wrist on the side of your thumb.
For nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating there are points on your lower abdoment in front of where your thigh bone and hip bone connect, and all along your legs from above the knee to your toes. A good leg massage could help greatly.
And for migraines or a stuffy nose, try the points in the middle and at the point closest to your nose on your eyebrows, or about 1/3 up the back of your leg from the knee, about 1/3 down the back of the leg from the knee, and the outside of the ankle.
*phew* That was a lot. For "bigger" health problems (like diabetes), check the first link up there for a list of problems, conditions, etc that have been successfully helped with acupressure. From the same site, check HERE for more information on pulse reading which is used by trained acupressurists to help with these conditions. Like I said before, you have to find the root cause to successfully cure the condition.
I hope this helps, at least in some small way. Take care everybody!

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