Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Oh what a night! Firstly, we don't have Elvis' costume pics up yet, because we got back a tad late and Aaron's tired and Elvis was upset that we left him so long, so rather than stress him out more, we'll just do that tomorrow. We did get started a little late, but the costumes came together really nicely. (They're in the album, you know where to find it) We left for Morgan's Point to help the kids put on their costumes and do their makeup. As soon as we got there, my mom called. Elvis and Onyx had run out of the house!! I knew Elvis would be fine, but Onyx (for those of you who don't know) is a black cat and I really don't like her getting out on Halloween. Fucking sickos out there. So I was outside talking to her and as soon as I hung up I looked up and petitioned Bast to please watch my kitty. Rather than dwell on it (you have to have faith, if you dwell you defeat your purpose) I went in and helped finish up the kids. They were just too adorable, the pics don't really do them justice. We hooked up with some friends of Autumn and Frankie and their little girl and went trolling the neighborhood for candy. Autumn was upset because 2 years ago lots of houses were done up and just about everyone was handing out candy. This year it was so sparse. Maybe 7 houses really done up (2 we didn't get close to, but you could see the lights) and around 10 with candy. It's okay, though, cuz the kids got tired of walking and it was great for us to actually get to spend our anniversary with people doing something! Also, they're great company, so it was doubly good. ^_^ We got back, hung out a bit, and went to hang out at Nates. I called my mom and she managed to get Elvis back in. Apparently as soon as it got dark he started whining at the door to be let in. Still no Onyx. I told myself she'd be fine and we hung out for a while just bullshitting. We got home and who was on the ramp ready to go in? Onyx. *phew* So I took my lavendar oil out to my special corner of the yard and thanked Bast for watching her. After that I went into the bathroom to pee and take off my tights and I heard purring. I thought it would be Onyx expecting some attention, but none of the cats were near the door. Between that and the woman from yesterday, I think this was the most spiritually fulfilling Samhain for me. I usually celebrate Samhain (pronounced "sow-in") spiritually on November 1st (some traditions do), so it was nice for me to have that on the 31st.

Neopets was great. Aaron and I each got 6 goodie bags with neat stuff inside. I customized my pets since there were wearable items in some of the bags. ^_^ In about 50 minutes I get to try and unlock the Haunted Woods site theme for him. I hope I can get it!! That would be something great for him to wake up to.

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