Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flying Dreams

When it comes to dreaming, there are different ways of flying. Here's a handy list to help break down what it means. ^_^
Flying Free: You will achieve your ambitions easily.
Sprouting Wings: Visionary meaning. Possible message from "higher up".
Floating/flying at low altitude: You will be successful in your endeavors, but hard work is required.
Trying to take off and failing: Your spirit is bogged down. Current goals may be out of your reach.
Losing altitude: Your ambition is waning, or your goals are too high.
Flying aided: Flying in an airplane means you expect recognition for your efforts. Hanglider means you will have support in reaching your goals.
Flying toward the light: You are reconnecting with your past, or loved ones who have passed.
Becoming hampered in flight: Setbacks or postponement of your goals. Or a lack of confidence in your ability to reach your goals.

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