Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yoga Bad For Christians?

I always seem to manage to catch the bizarre . . . near uneccesary crap they put on the news. This time was no different. Apparently there is a group of Christians who are proclaiming that doing yoga is dangerous to a Christians faith. . . . . . Huh?! Okay, I will concede that Yoga in it's original context is an extension of the Hindu faith. Those who practice it with this intent get great spiritual satisfaction in becoming One with their divine entities. That's the point, though, intent. Same with spellwork, intent is 98%. If a person is doing yoga for health or relaxation with no regard whatsoever for the origins or original intentions of the practice, then it can not affect their faith in any way! Seriously. People who do delve into the spiritual aspects of Yoga and find that this deepends their appreciation of it to the point of them straying from Christianity, well then, their initial faith was not so strong then. And who would be to blame for that? The Shepard, the Sheep or the Almighty? Seriously, anyone have an opinion on that, cuz I'm leaning towards the Shepard. Of course, everyone is an individual capable of making their own decisions, so why are these 'men of the cloth' so upset over something as simple as an hour of stretching every other day? Seems the closer we get to 2012, the harder they fight to keep ahold of their beloved flock. The more they try to control said flock. Things, practices, people, only have as much power as you give them. Halloween is only evil if you want it to be. Ask any kid, it's about candy and dressing up. Harry Potter is a ficticious character casting very ficticious spells. Yoga is only more than stretching if you let it be. Nothing can have any power over you if you don't have the mindset for it.

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