Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pirates & Bunnies

Yesterday was a pretty full day. lol Early on Aaron and I went to Wal*Mart and picked up my Halloween costume. "Busty Pirate Wench". lmao We picked it up in plus size so it wouldn't be too small and bless my stars, it's a little too big! There's a couple parts I gotta take in for it to fit right. I'm so happy! It looks good on me, though, so when I get it fixed up (need a needle for the sewing machine) I'll post up a pic. *snickers* I already know what I'm gonna do, too.

Then last night Aaron and I went to the Bunny Club with a few friends. Okay, if there was any question about how bad Killeen sucks, here's more. The person who runs Bunny Club let their nudity liscence laps. ??? Can you believe that? So basically the girls dance in their underwear and even though there is another actual strip club maybe 30 yards away (maybe less) people still show up. Hrm . . . . ^_^ It was cool, though. Had fun and had my first tipping a dancer experience. She was hot . . . and John made me. lol So, yes, Lizzy is getting out of the house more. Scary!

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