Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life Is Not A Movie

I swear, if I hear one other person say "Oh, I'm a natural witch" or how about "I have 'The Witch' in me" I'm going to scream. Watching Charmed and The Craft and throwing salt around your house does not make you a witch. Carrying around a quartz and wearing black does not make you a witch. Saying you are a witch does not make you a witch!! Hell, if your parents were Wiccan, it doesn't necessarily make you one too, unless they taught you the ways and fostered certain beliefs and knowledge in you. Having one spell turn out okay does not make you a witch. Going out and buying a gargoyle will not automatically embue it with the power to protect you. Dancing naked in the moonlight does not make you a freakin' witch. Little teeny-bopper bitches who wear black and claim to practice the dark arts upset me less than grown adults who say they're a "natural" witch. Why? Because teenagers grow up. Either they stick with it and grow or they leave it by the wayside with their other fads from childhood. The adults on the other hand seem to think they can just say it and it's so. It's not. Everyone has natural latent abilities in them, but if you don't use it . . . guess what?! Ya lose it. Even the most powerful empaths I know have to continually use their ability or it fades and vanishes. What makes people so spectacularly stupid? So incredibly dense? So bloody damn disrespectful?! I could walk into a church, make myself at ease and call myself a Christian, but that wouldn't make it so. And those who truly do feel the power of Christ flowing through them daily would take great offense at my pomposity. I've worked long and hard along my path to get where I am and to have people respect me (even a little) for who I am and what I do. I know at first there were probably quite a few people who thought it was just a phase for me, but I stuck with it. I'm sure more than a few members of Aaron's family rolled their eyes until they got to know me. So yes, when someone decides all of a sudden that they're a witch, it bothers me. Just as it should bother each and every one of you when someone claims to be "in to" something you hold dear, something you find spiritually uplifting. If you truly have an interest in becoming Wiccan or learning magic, then act like it. Join a group, talk to people, read a book, hell search the net! Don't just sit there thinking you can say it and that's all it takes.

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