Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 Out Of 282

Just for shits & giggles I decided to do a myspace search for Ellison 1999 graduates. Out of 282 people, I recognized 3 . . . not including myself. Doesn't help when people don't have a pic of themself, but I'm pretty sure I found Eva. Yay! So many people still living in Killeen. So sad. lol I had such a wierd dream. Sandy was there hanging out with Boogeyman (ECW wrestler) and David was there all depressed so I went to find a bracelet he gave me (he never gave me any bracelet in real life) to show him that someone cared. Aaron was there, but we weren't married but I had to pick up a little packet of skulls and beads and earings for him. I met a girl in a bathroom and when I told her I liked her hair, my hair turned into her hair. There was some other guy I didn't recognize from outside of the dream, but he kept following me around. Very wierd.

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