Sunday, September 30, 2007


Such a subjective thing, huh? I'm feeling curious, so I was wondering . . . When are you most comfortable? You don't have to answer, but I'd like it if you did. I'll start. I'm most comfortable when I wake up and Aaron's knees are in my back and Elvis is laying across my legs. Our bed is so uncomfortable, but when I wake up like that, I know where everyone is and that they're okay. So it's comforting to me.

On a side note, Aaron's birthday is coming up. If ya wanna get him something, but have no idea what . . . the only Jason movie we're missing is 9, Jason Goes to Hell. ^_^ Even with all the 'scary' movies being put out for Halloween we still can't find it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Healing Breath

Healing With Breath

The technique is based on an ancient Hindu technique, which the yogis practiced to attain miraculous powers. The same meditative principles can be used to cultivate extraordinary powers of self-healing. Here are the directions to this powerful 10-step self-healing meditation: The author calls this technique "The Healing Triangle" because it involves three basic elements that are kept in a delicate state of balance at all times. The first element is our consciousness (our mind in meditation); the second is the breath; and the third is the particular symptom of illness we wish to heal.

This is how it is done:

You will need a matched pair of sponge-rubber balls that are a bit smaller and softer than a tennis ball.

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with one rubber ball in each hand, and meditate on your breath for five to ten minutes to establish a good state of meditative consciousness.

2. Next, do enough rounds of gentle rapid breathing to be sure that your breath is open and flowing.

Note: Gentle-rapid breathing is to first pant like a dog, having in-breaths and out-breaths well-matched. Next, do the same thing and close your mouth and "pant" through your nostrils instead.

3. Once your breath is moving freely, keep watching your breath and use your consciousness like a radar beam. Slowly scan your body looking for symptoms of distress.

4. As you scan the inside of your body, you might come across any number of symptoms.

5. Work first with the symptom that is calling the loudest for your attention.

6. Without losing track of your breath, focus your attention on the most intense part of the pain or tension, then squeeze your rubber balls firmly enough to match its intensity. This will bring your breathing tensions into synch with the tension. On the very next inhalation, you'll find yourself breathing directly into the knot.

7. Keep the same steady pressure on the balls to keep the compression of your breath in synch with the tension you feel, and then do about five to ten seconds of gentle rapid breathing directly into the knot. This will weaken the energy blocks surrounding the knot and bring concentrated waves of healing prana directly into the tissues that feel dis-eased. Within seconds, the knot will begin to feel a bit softer and the pain will diminish noticeably.

8. Still watching your breath, allow these change to run their course for a full minute. At the end of this assimilation period, change the pressure on the balls to match the new feelings of pain or tension. Then do another round of gentle rapid breathing.

9. Each time you repeat this cycle, the pain and tension will grow increasingly weak, until the tension finally disappears. As the knot in your stomach begins to fade away, subtler symptoms of distress will begin to reveal their presence.

10. Whatever form these newly emerging disturbances take--feelings of irritation, pressure, burning, or anything else--treat them the same way as you did the original feelings of pain or tension; repeat the process.

The feelings of release and relief will gradually move from one symptom to another, as if playing a slow-motion game of "healing tag."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Coming!

We started decorating for Halloween last night!! Oh and it looks great! A little "cuter" than we normally do, but it's gonna be wild once we're all finished. Just a couple more things and then I'll be able to post up a pic. *does the happy dance* Still not entirely sure what we're doing this year. I mean, we've got our costumes, just don't know where we're going to go or do when we get there. You know what I mean, don't act like you don't. Between our Anniversary, Halloween and Samhain it's a busy time, but it's a special time of year, so it's definetly worth it. *does the happy dance again*

Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 Out Of 282

Just for shits & giggles I decided to do a myspace search for Ellison 1999 graduates. Out of 282 people, I recognized 3 . . . not including myself. Doesn't help when people don't have a pic of themself, but I'm pretty sure I found Eva. Yay! So many people still living in Killeen. So sad. lol I had such a wierd dream. Sandy was there hanging out with Boogeyman (ECW wrestler) and David was there all depressed so I went to find a bracelet he gave me (he never gave me any bracelet in real life) to show him that someone cared. Aaron was there, but we weren't married but I had to pick up a little packet of skulls and beads and earings for him. I met a girl in a bathroom and when I told her I liked her hair, my hair turned into her hair. There was some other guy I didn't recognize from outside of the dream, but he kept following me around. Very wierd.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Earth Chakras

Caretaking The Soul Of Gaia
As we walk upon the earth, we walk upon a living being more similar to ourselves than we imagine. Just like us, the earth has both a physical body and an energetic body, complete with a chakra system identified by ancient mystics and modern scientists alike. Gaia, as the earth is called when acknowledged as a living entity in her own right, has her own life force and her own path of unfolding, separate from us, but including us. Human beings and Gaia are intertwined on every level, not just the physical, and an awareness of her chakras can help us to acknowledge, heal, and enable her on her path, just as she selflessly returns the favor to us.

It is generally agreed that Gaia has seven major chakras distributed evenly across her body and connected to one another via two lines of energy that intersect at various points on the earth. The first chakra is located at Mount Shasta in Northern California; the second is in Lake Titicaca in South America; the third chakra is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia; the fourth chakra resides in Glastonbury in England; the fifth chakra is at the Great Pyramid in Mount of Olives; the sixth chakra is in Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran, and the seventh chakra is in Mount Kailas in Tibet. In addition to her seven major chakras, she has minor chakras and other vortexes of energy that are significant to her life-energy system, and all these energy centers need caretaking. Just as we can heal ourselves through our own chakras, we can heal and support Gaia through hers.

While it would be a wonderful experience to visit one of the earth's chakras, you can always participate in loving and healing Gaia wherever you are. Maintaining an awareness of the regions in which her chakras reside can be very powerful. You may place photos of the locales on your altar, sending healing energy to each of her chakras during your meditations. As you consciously connect your energy system to her energy system, the true meaning of groundedness reveals itself—it is a relationship with Gaia in which we acknowledge our calling as the caretakers of her soul.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Avatars! (neopets)

Oh what a day! A while ago I met this lady through neopets who is in Denmark. She is super sweet, but has a helluva time because she's autistic so most people there aren't really nice to her. Anyway, today she went and got two super expensive items for avatars and let me borrow them! So now I have:

A 1.5million np item avvie


An almost 3million np item avvie

I was so happy to get them back to her before something bad happened. lol Right now I'm using the Chokato one (the bottom one there) for a while, then I'll probably switch to something else.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pirates & Bunnies

Yesterday was a pretty full day. lol Early on Aaron and I went to Wal*Mart and picked up my Halloween costume. "Busty Pirate Wench". lmao We picked it up in plus size so it wouldn't be too small and bless my stars, it's a little too big! There's a couple parts I gotta take in for it to fit right. I'm so happy! It looks good on me, though, so when I get it fixed up (need a needle for the sewing machine) I'll post up a pic. *snickers* I already know what I'm gonna do, too.

Then last night Aaron and I went to the Bunny Club with a few friends. Okay, if there was any question about how bad Killeen sucks, here's more. The person who runs Bunny Club let their nudity liscence laps. ??? Can you believe that? So basically the girls dance in their underwear and even though there is another actual strip club maybe 30 yards away (maybe less) people still show up. Hrm . . . . ^_^ It was cool, though. Had fun and had my first tipping a dancer experience. She was hot . . . and John made me. lol So, yes, Lizzy is getting out of the house more. Scary!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life Is Not A Movie

I swear, if I hear one other person say "Oh, I'm a natural witch" or how about "I have 'The Witch' in me" I'm going to scream. Watching Charmed and The Craft and throwing salt around your house does not make you a witch. Carrying around a quartz and wearing black does not make you a witch. Saying you are a witch does not make you a witch!! Hell, if your parents were Wiccan, it doesn't necessarily make you one too, unless they taught you the ways and fostered certain beliefs and knowledge in you. Having one spell turn out okay does not make you a witch. Going out and buying a gargoyle will not automatically embue it with the power to protect you. Dancing naked in the moonlight does not make you a freakin' witch. Little teeny-bopper bitches who wear black and claim to practice the dark arts upset me less than grown adults who say they're a "natural" witch. Why? Because teenagers grow up. Either they stick with it and grow or they leave it by the wayside with their other fads from childhood. The adults on the other hand seem to think they can just say it and it's so. It's not. Everyone has natural latent abilities in them, but if you don't use it . . . guess what?! Ya lose it. Even the most powerful empaths I know have to continually use their ability or it fades and vanishes. What makes people so spectacularly stupid? So incredibly dense? So bloody damn disrespectful?! I could walk into a church, make myself at ease and call myself a Christian, but that wouldn't make it so. And those who truly do feel the power of Christ flowing through them daily would take great offense at my pomposity. I've worked long and hard along my path to get where I am and to have people respect me (even a little) for who I am and what I do. I know at first there were probably quite a few people who thought it was just a phase for me, but I stuck with it. I'm sure more than a few members of Aaron's family rolled their eyes until they got to know me. So yes, when someone decides all of a sudden that they're a witch, it bothers me. Just as it should bother each and every one of you when someone claims to be "in to" something you hold dear, something you find spiritually uplifting. If you truly have an interest in becoming Wiccan or learning magic, then act like it. Join a group, talk to people, read a book, hell search the net! Don't just sit there thinking you can say it and that's all it takes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yoga Bad For Christians?

I always seem to manage to catch the bizarre . . . near uneccesary crap they put on the news. This time was no different. Apparently there is a group of Christians who are proclaiming that doing yoga is dangerous to a Christians faith. . . . . . Huh?! Okay, I will concede that Yoga in it's original context is an extension of the Hindu faith. Those who practice it with this intent get great spiritual satisfaction in becoming One with their divine entities. That's the point, though, intent. Same with spellwork, intent is 98%. If a person is doing yoga for health or relaxation with no regard whatsoever for the origins or original intentions of the practice, then it can not affect their faith in any way! Seriously. People who do delve into the spiritual aspects of Yoga and find that this deepends their appreciation of it to the point of them straying from Christianity, well then, their initial faith was not so strong then. And who would be to blame for that? The Shepard, the Sheep or the Almighty? Seriously, anyone have an opinion on that, cuz I'm leaning towards the Shepard. Of course, everyone is an individual capable of making their own decisions, so why are these 'men of the cloth' so upset over something as simple as an hour of stretching every other day? Seems the closer we get to 2012, the harder they fight to keep ahold of their beloved flock. The more they try to control said flock. Things, practices, people, only have as much power as you give them. Halloween is only evil if you want it to be. Ask any kid, it's about candy and dressing up. Harry Potter is a ficticious character casting very ficticious spells. Yoga is only more than stretching if you let it be. Nothing can have any power over you if you don't have the mindset for it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

San Francisco Solano de Asis

They have a few quarter machines around with little figures of different Saints. Growing up Methodist, we didn't "believe in" Saints, but after living through Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II <--Not a saint, but had the heart of one, I think> I kind of have a sense of respect for people of deep spirituality. Like Buddha and Ghandi. So, I wanted one. It took awhile cuz it seemed kind of wrong, but I figured it would give me a chance to learn more about a person that the Catholics concider "saintly". After learning about the man I got, it's . . . . not destiny, but definetly interesting that I got the one I did.

San Francisco Solano (1549-1610)

Francisco Solano was born on March 10, 1549, in Montilla, Spain, located in the fertile hillsides of Cordoba, the capital of Andalusia. Francisco was the third child born to this affluent and noble family. Before his birth, Francisco's parents, Matteo Sanchez Solano and Anna Jimenez Hildago, had dedicated their son to St. Francis of Assisi. When asked as a young man the question, "What is a saint?" Francisco Solano answered that a saint is a person who has emptied his or her heart of selfishness and has filled his or her heart with Christ. Francisco Solano entered the Franciscan Order at La Recolecion Monastery in April, 1569. Two years later, he began studies in theology and philosophy at the seminary in Loreto. Francisco Solano was ordained a priest on October 4, 1576, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. During the plague in Spain, Francisco Solano, a man of compassion, risked his life caring for his brothers and sisters, victims of the plague. In February, 1589, Father Francisco embarked on a long and treacherous journey by ship to Peru, which ended in shipwreck near Colombia. Those aboard the shipwrecked vessel found strength and comfort in Francisco's example, prayer, and heroism. As a missionary to the Americas, Francisco Solano was a renowned preacher, reconciler, and peacemaker. A gifted musician, Francisco Solano used music as a means of leading persons to God. Beauty is, indeed, a path of God. Francisco Solano loved prayer. In poor health, Francisco Solano spent his the final year of his earthly life in the Franciscan Infirmary in Peru. Francisco Solano died on July 14, 1610, the Feast of St. Bonaventure.

In 1726, Pope Benedict XIII proclaimed Francisco Solano a Saint.

St. Francis is the Patron Saint of the garden's birds and animals and of ecology. Founder of the Franciscans, he is often shown preaching to the birds.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something Or Other

Went through my whole blog. Quite an ordeal since MySpace doesn't have a subject index. I did myself the favor of making a list of all the things I've posted so I won't go and repeat myself. *Hurray* I think MySpace screwed up some of my crane game pictures. They wouldn't load here or in the album. I don't wanna hafta reload 'em, but I don't think I have a choice. . . . doesn't make sense, cuz the preview loads . . . . wierd.

Busted ass on neopets, got Aaron the lab ray and a grundo potion, so now he has a mutant grundo. ^_^ So many nps gone, but that's okay. Been working on my gallery. I've got almost 250 plushies now. *teehee*

Still waiting for word on the job front. I hate waiting. In the meantime we're trying to get things together for our Halloween costumes. Not 100% sure what I'm gonna be, but probably nothing too difficult since Aaron's is going to take a lot of work. I don't mind, though. I like helping him look good. ^_^ Still no idea what we're going to do, though. *sigh*

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Child/Animal Protection Spell

Prepare a bowl of milk and honey with a little ginger sprinkled in it. Place your offering outside on your alter or in a sheltered area. If possible place a few fern fronds around the bowl. Also lay out your Crystal and Moon stone. With your wand, gently tap the bowl three times and say:

"Light elves, listen. Hear my call.
Your presence here I ask.
For {child or animals name} needs your protection
To safeguard them is your task.
Keep {child or animals name} safe by night and day.
While asleep or while at play.
Beautiful Light Elves, answer me.
I ask your presence here.
To these little ones protection give.
That they will have no fear.
As danger's embers grow.
To those who would harm them.
Flame, Fire, Ice and Snow.
Blessings to all who come to my aid.
Between friends is this bargain made."

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kitchen Witch ABCs


Always stir in a clockwise motion

Before you chop veggies, offer thanks

Cut mindfully, gratefully

Do all preparations in a loving spirit

Energize food with good thoughts

Feast gratefully

Give & share what you can spare

Home & hearth are sacred

Invoke blessings of Goddess on all food

Join hands with friends often

Kindness shows in serving food

Love goes into every dish

Mindfully gather ingredients

No wasting - recycle, compost, feed animals

Open your senses, enjoy your surroundings

Play as well as work

Quench thirst, thinking of clear clean rivers

Resolve to be grateful & waste not

Salivate as you smell fragrance & anticipate flavors

Thank the Lord & Lady for health

Use utensils carefully, then clean up

Value time spent with loved ones

When possible grow & harvest your food

Xtra food is for creative recombining

Yearly rituals & feasts build traditions

Zestful living in every area is our goal.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crane Game Blues

Well, Wal*Mart's basically done for us. They changed most of the machines to ones that are more rigged than the old ones. The prizes are too big for the holes, the claw doesn't grab. It's so sad. Oh, and the "big" one is a dollar now. *sigh* Oh! And the prizes all suck. They're 95% generic with a few liscensed ones thrown in. *sigh* So I guess we'll be concentrating our efforts at HEB. Hopefully they'll keep the ones they've got there.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Good, Bad & Ugly

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I was afraid I wasn't gonna have much to blog about again, but this morning was full of surprises. We headed out just before 7 to pick up gas and smokes and saw the most pictureesque sunrise I've ever seen. On top of that (technically it was opposite that, but you know what I mean) was a full on double rainbow. Not the kind you barely see, it looked like it was oil painted onto the sky. So beautiful. We swore to each other that we're gonna try to start getting into the habit of taking the camera out with us because of all the things we miss.

Then, on our way home we caught a guy on the radio. I'm not sure if he works at Wendy's or was just eating there, but he was there and so was this guy who had a bit of a . . . . *ahem* . . . . wardrobe malfunction. . . . . . I'll let ya see for yourself. Click here to see. (image has since been removed) Yeah, pretty bad. If you've got time, check his other pics while you're there. Does he look familiar? Some of the people kinda do, but I dunno.