Thursday, August 9, 2007

~Warning~ Controversial Rant In Progress

Aaron's already heard this, many times over, so he's excused. ^_^ This rant is my opinion only. I'm not expecting you to agree with or like any part of it. I've just gotta get it out of myself once and for all.

First, I guess, let me say that we live in a country where overcrowding is definetly becoming a serious problem. Y'all know how I feel about all the damned construction, all the trees that are killed so all these people can have a place to live. All the animals genetically engineered and then slaughtered so people can eat. All of the pollution created by all of the cars and factories we use daily. Where does this problem start? People having too many kids!

Just so there's no confusion, I don't hate kids. I'm not anti-offspring. I don't have the undying affection for 'em that my dad and Aaron do, but I don't hate 'em. I hate that their parents let 'em wreak havoc all over the store, get and do whatever they want and scream at the top of their lungs. And it really bugs me that people walk around with more kids than they can keep track of. If you're too busy to realize that one of your kids has wandered off in the opposite direction, you've got too many kids.

As per my previous blog, my thought is that 1/2 a kid per person is plenty. 1 per couple. 2 if you absolutely must. My parents had three and that's one too many. Their (flawed) logic was that an only child would be 'spoiled' <---only true if you let it be> and that two would be fighting all the time. Hello! When you've got three kids, then the fights are 2 to 1! Decidedly lopsided. Any more than that, IMO, is just obscene. And what the hell is with these people having 6+ kids? There is no reason on earth to have that many kids. This isn't pre-1920. Odds are damn good you don't need 'em for cheap labor (which is why my grandpa's parents had so many kids), you're obviously just having kids to fill some other void you've got in your life. Having that many kids is just as bad as that old lady with 50 cats.

Which brings me to my next point. All the trouble that people go through to have kids in the first place. Having kids should be an easy natural process. People and animals have been doing it for millenia! If you can't do it without the aid of "science" then you're not meant to have 'em. If you go through 12 stillbirths, you're not meant to have one. Why put yourself through it? If you just have to, frikken adopt!!! If you love kids so bloody damn much, then adopt a kid. There are thousands, probably millions, of poor kids who were abandoned for one reason or another, give your love to them. If ya love kids so damn much, it shouldn't matter if it's "yours" or not. Make it yours. Give him/her a family that you want so much. Genetic material is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. When Native Americans brought Anglos into their tribe and made them part of the tribe, they weren't an Anglo tribesman. They became part of that bloodline in more than just a symbolic way. Besides, ya never know when one of those adopted kids is gonna grow into someone great. Dave Thomas and Scott Hamilton just to name two.

We've all seen the "unintended" results of over-use of fertilization methods outside of nature. Those people who have 4, 5, hell 8 kids at once? That doesn't happen naturally. That's some idjit with a petri dish fertilizing 10 eggs and sticking them back in the woman's body. That's fertility drugs causing the woman to over-ovulate. That's science interfering with nature and it's screwing up the eco-system! The bitch about this situation is you can't really punish the parents for their fuck-up without also punishing the kids. It's not the kids' fault their parents screwed up, but when ya go and donate supplies to people like this you're saying "Oh, it's okay, you over-fertilized yourself like a bloody damn lawn and now you've got more kids than you can take care of and that's okay." It's not okay. It's irresponsible.

Which brings me to my last part of this rant. I'm only adding this cuz it's part of the train of thought and should prevent me from ranting further on the subject. Abortion. Oh no! The "A" word. You mean adultery? No, not the 'Scarlet" letter, the "A" word. In this day and age with thousands (or more) of kids sitting in orphanages and foster homes, why would someone want to go and try and force someone else to have a baby they're gonna get rid of anyway? First off, it's none of your damn business what people do with their bodies. Personally I think that people who are against abortion should be required to sign up to be adoptive parents. People are gonna have them anyway, it's just a difference of whether it's done in a sterile clinic by someone who knows what they're doing, instead of in a dingy alley with knitting needles. How can I be okay with abortion on an emotional level? Easy. It is my opinion that a person's soul does not enter their body until they take their first breath. All of those things that go on with the fetus in the womb are all subconscious reactions. Beating heart, muscle twitches all that are not signs of cognitive life. They're things that happen without any thought given. Once that baby pops out and takes it's first breath and then screams bloody murder, THEN it's a living, breathing human being. Aaron disagrees, you probably do too.

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