Friday, August 17, 2007

Under One Roof

It's an African heritage store here in town. I've never been in, but the slogan on their sign has always been "To Whom You Give Your Money Is To Whom You Give Your Power". It currently says "Goodbye" so I think they're closing, maybe, and I guess that's what prompted me to write this. I've always liked that slogan, because of the sheer dumbfounding logic of it. Whether we like it or not, money is power. Not so much in that people with lots of money are powerful people. More like when you buy something, you are condoning whatever practices that company uses to create that product. The reason it's so important to buy animal or eco-friendly products is because when you don't, you're basically funding people to the opposite. If you buy, say, shampoo from a company that pumps waste into a river, then you're paying them to do that. It's not about the product or how good it may be. Not by any stretch. When you buy meat that was raised inhumanely, you're condoning those practices. It's like saying, "Not only is it okay, but I support you."

It's funny, cuz most people just say, "But I'm only one person, it can't make that big of a difference." It's funny, because most people will say that. One is not just one. One is part of many. Even if you're the only one who switches from Brand X to Brand A, at least you will have a clearer conscience. That's important to you, right? Even if you're the only person on your block who recycles, at least you're doing your part and every little bit does help. I was shocked to find out that in Killeen every person is allowed 300lbs of garbage a week! 300lbs! Thankfully we don't come anywhere near that, but can you imagine?

On an unrelated note I am both excited and petrified at what the next two weeks potentially have in store for me. Wish me luck that everything goes through and I don't psych myself out before the time comes.

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