Friday, August 10, 2007

The Lighter Side

Yesterday Aaron and I ran into the guy who refills the claw machines around here . . . at least the ones in Wal*Mart, but probably the ones in HEB too. He's an older guy, white hair, tall, skinny skinny skinny! We could take him. Definetly. lmao It was funny cuz we went to HEB first where Aaron got the Pirate pillow. He grabbed it by the loop and dragged it, but the loop was too long and it didn't fall in the box, so I tried to realign the claw, but lost the loop so he re-grabbed the loop and pushed it straight down into the box. Then we went to Wal*Mart where we saw him refilling the machines. He was still working on the 25cent one when Aaron told me to go for the pig. I picked it up and dropped it, but cuz he had just restocked and it was so close it bounced right into the box. It struck me as funny. Then we basically just gave that 'old bastard' <--seriously, though, he seemed alright for a prize packing old man> four more dollars on the other side.

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