Friday, August 31, 2007

God(dess) Bless Texas

An article came across my group (OWR) wherein a women was more or less ejected from an Applebees for breastfeeding. Now, personally, I think anyone sexually aroused or deeply offended by breastfeeding is touched in the dome. Apparently someone in that resteraunt was and that's what started the problem. Few people (apparently) realize that it is illegal to bug a breastfeeding woman. In particular, Texas law states that "a woman is authorized to breastfeed in any location." It doesn't even have the disclaimer that many states do about a woman breastfeeding in any location "she is legally allowed to be." It may not be personally relevent to me yet, but it will be, and I'm glad to know I'm protected. I didn't catch the whole story, but there is one state that is working to illegalize formula because of how much better breast milk is for the baby. It's not Texas, but more power to 'em anyway. If you're curious about how other states stack up on the breastfeeding laws, you can check 'em out here. Some states even go so far as to say that breastfeeding can not be concidered 'lewd conduct' or 'public indecency'. ^_^ It's pretty interesting reading, actually. If you want more, there's also this site.

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