Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream Quote

I had a dream last night. Well, ya know, I dream most nights, but this one stood out. It was mostly not worth mentioning. Whisker and Onyx and Eva were there. I spent a lot of time in line at a bank. The one remarkable thing was as I was leaving the building I was in, I passed a bathroom and then I was on my way outside. I was wearing a long white dress with a sort of jacket on over it. I went to take off my jacket before going outside and the lady at the reception desk said to me "Around here we don't let insanity reflect on our couture" I wasn't sure what it meant. Still not sure what it could mean, but I kept my jacket on and left. Around here? Here here, or dream here? Kind of interesting, I guess, since I just bought a new dress, but it's green, not white. And how could a white dress relfect insanity? The dress itself, I don't think was the problem, but the top part covered by the jacket? It had straps, and my cleavage wasn't all hanging out. Maybe insanity around me bouncing negative energy off of it? Still not sure. Any ideas?

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