Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brak Day!

Spent some time with Brak yesterday. ^_^ Not as much as I had hoped, sadly. Hit traffic and red lights all morning, then my dad came in earlier than expected. *sigh* Anyways, I had a great time! Got to see the rats up close and personal (not that personal), met her cat, sat and talked and did a tarot reading which came up really good. The appointment went very well (as I said before). Sometimes it just helps to have someone else there. Keeps doctors (and residents, apparently) on their best behavior. I was a little nervouse . . . . it has been 7 years, but I think it went well. lol

I haven't uploaded it yet, but Aaron got a big penguin out of the big crane at Wal*Mart. I named him Wallace. lmao Only one with a name. ^_^ We've had the worst luck at HEB, though. We may stop by there later today with better results. . . or we may go somewhere else. lol

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