Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yes, I'm bored enough to blog about a movie. lol We watched it last night. Aaron saw it in the theatre and wouldn't shut up about it so I'm glad we finally have it. I liked it. I'd say it made it into my top 50 favorite movies . . . not that I'd ever made an actual list of my favorites, but I've seen a lot worse. ^_^ Prior to watching the movie (actually just before it released in theatres) I stayed up and watched a special on the History Channel about the actual battle. I'm glad I did, cuz the movie did fudge a few of the facts. Like, the movie would have you believe that the other Greeks came to supplement the Spartans, when it was the other way around. The Spartans sent who they could to supplement the Greek army who was going to stand against Xerxes. Also, that formation they did in the tunnel area, where they were funnelling in Xerxes' troops, they stayed like that for much longer than is implied. Also, the part with the boats crashing all over the place happened after the bulk of the battle. The ships came in as reinforcements for Xerxes and the Greeks actually had a few ships of their own out there as well. Not near as many, but they stood their own . . . . for a while. Also, Leonides died earlier than they showed, but I guess that would have been a little anticlimactic for the movie. I think it would have been interesting, though, for them to show the Greeks and the Persians fighting over his body, which they did. Not trying to nitpick (which Aaron accuses me of constantly), just doing my part to spread information. For anyone interested. Let me repeat, I did like the movie! I did. I really don't think they could have done much better. Except for the part with the Oracle. Being as she had absolutely NO tits, it would have been better for me if they had just kept 'em covered.

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