Friday, August 31, 2007

God(dess) Bless Texas

An article came across my group (OWR) wherein a women was more or less ejected from an Applebees for breastfeeding. Now, personally, I think anyone sexually aroused or deeply offended by breastfeeding is touched in the dome. Apparently someone in that resteraunt was and that's what started the problem. Few people (apparently) realize that it is illegal to bug a breastfeeding woman. In particular, Texas law states that "a woman is authorized to breastfeed in any location." It doesn't even have the disclaimer that many states do about a woman breastfeeding in any location "she is legally allowed to be." It may not be personally relevent to me yet, but it will be, and I'm glad to know I'm protected. I didn't catch the whole story, but there is one state that is working to illegalize formula because of how much better breast milk is for the baby. It's not Texas, but more power to 'em anyway. If you're curious about how other states stack up on the breastfeeding laws, you can check 'em out here. Some states even go so far as to say that breastfeeding can not be concidered 'lewd conduct' or 'public indecency'. ^_^ It's pretty interesting reading, actually. If you want more, there's also this site.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

For some reason it's very rare that I get to see the night-time phenomenon that happens around here. I'm either dead tired or it's overcast. This time I got lucky. Nate told Aaron there was going to be a full lunar eclipse and he dutifully woke me up at 4am. My alarm went off and I apparently shut it off in my sleep. They didn't come out super great, but I did get some progressive pictures and put them together in a little slideshow. I can get it to load up with my slow ass connection so you should be able to too. Unfortunately the pics don't really do the actual event much justice, but it's here if you want to see it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Step Closer To Legal Pot In TX?

Lawmakers relax rules on people caught with pot

05:35 PM CDT on Friday, August 24, 2007


Getting caught with a little marijuana in Texas may not mean automatic arrest -- at least not anymore.
Starting September 1, police officers will have the discretion to let people caught with four ounces or less get off with a citation and a court date -- instead of being booked.
"It will save us both time and money," said Travis County Sheriff's Department spokesman Roger Wade. "It will give the deputy out on the street a chance to actually stay out on the street."
The Sheriff's Department estimates booking people caught with four ounces or less cost more than $1 million in 2006.
Wade says the change will help unclog booking facilities, too. The criminal penalties for pot possession are not changing; rather, the change simply keeps lower risk lawbreakers from being taken into custduring the spring session.
The new law also gives officers discretion over whether to arrest petty thieves and graffiti artists. Support for the measure is wide.
"It would actually make the most sense not to cite anyone for marijuana and not put them in jail or fine them at all -- it should be legal," said Kampia. "However, this is a step in the right direction."
Borrowed from TXCN <--Texas Cable News

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shock Me

*BBBZZZZTTT* Thanks. Yesterday a computer that my mom ordered finally came in. So now we've got the "old" one in our room. It's ours now. ^_^ Which is great cuz that's the one with all of our stuff on it. As soon as we pick up a phone cord we'll be online in bed. *snickers* The really shocking thing is that my dad gave us the flat screen monitor with it and kept this clunky hulking thing for in here. *hrm* Guess he figured since they came together he'd keep 'em together? I dunno. That's about it, I guess. I'll have more tomorrow since I'm calling this afternoon about the job. My stomach is doing flip-flops.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hide Under The Blankets

I went and got my food card yesterday. Yeah, it was easy. $15. I'm gonna try calling the number on the boards first, cuz the online application is expecting all kinds of information I just don't have. Anyone wanna be a reference for me?

Maybe I should explain a little of why this is all such an ordeal for me? Remember back when we were kids, and all you needed to get into college was brains? I had that. I also had every adult telling me that because I was 'smart' I wouldn't have any problem getting into college and that, for the same reason, I wouldn't have a problem paying for it, cuz they'd pay me to go (ya know, scholarships). Then there was all the adults telling me that with a college degree I'd basically have jobs thrown at me, so I never really prepared myself for any of this. Then, time went by and all of a sudden you needed extra stuff to get into college. So I did my duty and joined clubs and teams all in the name of college. Then around High School all those adults started telling me "Never get a loan, you'll never pay it off" and "Getting a loan for college is the worst thing you can do." Then, I guess, around that time (or maybe sooner) scholarships became about skills, and minorities, and disabilities. So I, being just a regular 'smart' white girl with parents of 'average' income, somehow got lost. Scared to take out a loan for college, but unable to get enough financial aid to go to. For those of you who don't know, I actually didn't have any problems getting into Cornell or Angelo State, but I'd have probably gone to Angelo State. I liked it there.

Don't ask me why I quit every job I've had. The only answer I have is "The Fear" hit me. It's irrational and unexplainable, and it's been moondoggin' me since childhood. It's what kept my nose in a book and, essentially, out of the real world. Between taking care of the house and my mom and all the crap in between, the past 5 or so years have just kind of gotten away from me. On the other hand, though, if I hadn't been here during my mom's knee replacement, no one else would have. So maybe everything does have it's own reasons. Now that that's over and done with, I'm having to face my demons head-on, and I'm still not 100% sure I'm ready (or able) to do that.

I don't hold anything against those adults of my past who held my hand as they led me astray. I'm sure at the time everything they said was true. Or at least true to the best of their knowledge. I just wish I had had some idea that things weren't going to turn out the way I was led to believe they would.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ima Hottie

I was going through my old pics (the ones I just found) and ya know, I was pretty smokin' hot back in the day. I don't know why I let so many people get to me. Here's some of the ones I found:

That's it for now. If you missed the bulletin I'm about to put up, I have 2 more pics of myself from Germany if ya wanna check 'em out in my "Younger Days" album.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm baaaaaack

I know I've been MIA these past two days. Been busy with Tim & Faith's rehearsal and wedding back-to-back. It was a lovely ceremony and I just loved seeing Aaron all dressed up in a suit. ^_^ Damn sexy man I've got there. Damn sexy.

Today is probably my last really free, open day before things get really hectic. I start my stint as math tutor tomorrow, but since math is a passion for me (yes, I am that nerdy) I'm really looking forward to it. Tuesday I go down to get my food handler's card (finally found the info I needed for that, and not a moment too soon) so I can apply to the school. School system, actually, not sure if we pick a school or if they just assign one. If so, hopefully I get an elementary school. lol As excited as I am to once again be so close to having money, I'm still terrified of the whole thing. I'm sure once I get in and get into a rhythm I'll be okay, but right now I'm so close to just crawling back into my hole and waiting for everything to just blow over it's scary. Literally just like the first day of school, or rather the two or three days preceeding the first day. I'd get all scared all of a sudden that I'd forget my locker combination (which is why I switched to a key lock), that my teachers would hate me or I'd end up sitting next to some raving bitch of a person. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that all those years worked out pretty well, but it's hard, cuz it's different.

But I really do have something else to look forward to in the (really) long run. It was Aaron who brought it up to me. He was mentioning how his friend was taught Wicca by his grandmother and I mentioned how lucky he was for that. I think everyone who actually gets to be taught by a family member as they're growing up is very lucky. Then he said, "One day you'll be that for our family. You'll be the start of that line." That is such a heartwarming thought, I think I'm gonna cry. ^_^ Of course we've already decided that we're gonna give our kid(s) all the information and guidance that we can, but ultimately their spiritual path is their own decision. Whatever is fulfilling to them.

I guess I should wrap this up before I start getting too random. I'll keep y'all updated as best I can on the whole job thing. My dad's home for the week so comp time may be a little scarce.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Under One Roof

It's an African heritage store here in town. I've never been in, but the slogan on their sign has always been "To Whom You Give Your Money Is To Whom You Give Your Power". It currently says "Goodbye" so I think they're closing, maybe, and I guess that's what prompted me to write this. I've always liked that slogan, because of the sheer dumbfounding logic of it. Whether we like it or not, money is power. Not so much in that people with lots of money are powerful people. More like when you buy something, you are condoning whatever practices that company uses to create that product. The reason it's so important to buy animal or eco-friendly products is because when you don't, you're basically funding people to the opposite. If you buy, say, shampoo from a company that pumps waste into a river, then you're paying them to do that. It's not about the product or how good it may be. Not by any stretch. When you buy meat that was raised inhumanely, you're condoning those practices. It's like saying, "Not only is it okay, but I support you."

It's funny, cuz most people just say, "But I'm only one person, it can't make that big of a difference." It's funny, because most people will say that. One is not just one. One is part of many. Even if you're the only one who switches from Brand X to Brand A, at least you will have a clearer conscience. That's important to you, right? Even if you're the only person on your block who recycles, at least you're doing your part and every little bit does help. I was shocked to find out that in Killeen every person is allowed 300lbs of garbage a week! 300lbs! Thankfully we don't come anywhere near that, but can you imagine?

On an unrelated note I am both excited and petrified at what the next two weeks potentially have in store for me. Wish me luck that everything goes through and I don't psych myself out before the time comes.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream Quote

I had a dream last night. Well, ya know, I dream most nights, but this one stood out. It was mostly not worth mentioning. Whisker and Onyx and Eva were there. I spent a lot of time in line at a bank. The one remarkable thing was as I was leaving the building I was in, I passed a bathroom and then I was on my way outside. I was wearing a long white dress with a sort of jacket on over it. I went to take off my jacket before going outside and the lady at the reception desk said to me "Around here we don't let insanity reflect on our couture" I wasn't sure what it meant. Still not sure what it could mean, but I kept my jacket on and left. Around here? Here here, or dream here? Kind of interesting, I guess, since I just bought a new dress, but it's green, not white. And how could a white dress relfect insanity? The dress itself, I don't think was the problem, but the top part covered by the jacket? It had straps, and my cleavage wasn't all hanging out. Maybe insanity around me bouncing negative energy off of it? Still not sure. Any ideas?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Keep It In Da Klub

Last night around midnight Aaron and I went to Wal*Mart. We usually go late at night so we avoid the massive crowds at "Retail Hell". It was Saturday night and by all rights 3/4 of the town should have been at some bar or club, like normal. Oh, but not last night. I don't know what the hell happened, but at midnightish a good chunk of those "Club Kids" were at freakin' Wal*Mart! Admittedly, most weren't too much of a hassle to maneuver. Not too lavishly <---read "skankishly"> dressed, a little louder than they needed to be, and certainly had a problem moving themselves around without running dead into me!!!!, but there were a few who definetly stood out as persons who should have kept it in da club.

First woman. Late 20s early 30s, at least 250lbs, black, and wearing what amounted to gold underwear. She had a 'crew' of maybe 8-10 guys with her and she was loud. We first passed her by the movies and then came back around to check the movies by the front registers (we were hunting for "The Number 23", but they didn't have it in stock) and she was being escorted out by either a manager or security guy. He was probably a manager unless he was undercover security. Oh this just got her more loud. I mean, come on, you're wearing gold underwear (okay, hot pants and mini-tank) and you want to draw more attention to yourself? Aside from her 'crew' circling around, there were maybe 20 more people around the distant perimeter who obviously didn't mind watching the show. Aaron and I walked by trying not to pay too much attention . . . or draw too much attention to ourselves, but there were people 30feet away who were watching the spectacle. Keep it in da club.

The other two obvious club-runners were . . . I guess a couple. I didn't get a good look cuz I was trying to not get run down, but I caught an eyeful of boob. Seriously. The top of her top was so small she'd have been more covered in a bathing suit. I noticed she had a guy with her, but didn't even register him. I told Aaron (he had gone to grab a basket) and he, of course, went to hunt down the woman with her tits all exposed. Apparently she was what Carlos Mencia would call a "Butter Face". (ya know, her body was slammin', but her face!!) The guy was 'on something', so he probably didn't even know. lol Seriously, keep it in da club.

Another interesting character Aaron ran into, may not have been a club runner . . . . although. She was maybe 80lbs soaking wet and had Aaron carry a case of beer to the register for her. Ya know, on account of she couldn't lift it. So, whatever loser sent her on the beer run, shoulda kept it in da club.

The really disturbing thing about this trip was the obvious lack of people that should have been there by the amount of cars in the parking lot! I know! I was pissed initially cuz the parking lot was packed, like it was mid-day or something. At least 1/2 of those cars just had people sitting in them. Most likely either holdin' "something" or waiting for "something". One pair in particular was unusual in that it was there when we pulled in and still there when we left. They made themselves obvious by parking in the very last two spaces of the aisle.

The moral of my story is this: When you get yourself dressed up all skankified to go to da club, when you're at da club drinking and havin' a good time, keep it in da club. Wal*Mart is not da club. Gettin' sick of da club you're in? Go to da other club. They're all lined up together, not like it's far. Please, Wal*Mart's bad enough regularly.


I don't have anything against dressing skanky or da clubs.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Lighter Side

Yesterday Aaron and I ran into the guy who refills the claw machines around here . . . at least the ones in Wal*Mart, but probably the ones in HEB too. He's an older guy, white hair, tall, skinny skinny skinny! We could take him. Definetly. lmao It was funny cuz we went to HEB first where Aaron got the Pirate pillow. He grabbed it by the loop and dragged it, but the loop was too long and it didn't fall in the box, so I tried to realign the claw, but lost the loop so he re-grabbed the loop and pushed it straight down into the box. Then we went to Wal*Mart where we saw him refilling the machines. He was still working on the 25cent one when Aaron told me to go for the pig. I picked it up and dropped it, but cuz he had just restocked and it was so close it bounced right into the box. It struck me as funny. Then we basically just gave that 'old bastard' <--seriously, though, he seemed alright for a prize packing old man> four more dollars on the other side.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

~Warning~ Controversial Rant In Progress

Aaron's already heard this, many times over, so he's excused. ^_^ This rant is my opinion only. I'm not expecting you to agree with or like any part of it. I've just gotta get it out of myself once and for all.

First, I guess, let me say that we live in a country where overcrowding is definetly becoming a serious problem. Y'all know how I feel about all the damned construction, all the trees that are killed so all these people can have a place to live. All the animals genetically engineered and then slaughtered so people can eat. All of the pollution created by all of the cars and factories we use daily. Where does this problem start? People having too many kids!

Just so there's no confusion, I don't hate kids. I'm not anti-offspring. I don't have the undying affection for 'em that my dad and Aaron do, but I don't hate 'em. I hate that their parents let 'em wreak havoc all over the store, get and do whatever they want and scream at the top of their lungs. And it really bugs me that people walk around with more kids than they can keep track of. If you're too busy to realize that one of your kids has wandered off in the opposite direction, you've got too many kids.

As per my previous blog, my thought is that 1/2 a kid per person is plenty. 1 per couple. 2 if you absolutely must. My parents had three and that's one too many. Their (flawed) logic was that an only child would be 'spoiled' <---only true if you let it be> and that two would be fighting all the time. Hello! When you've got three kids, then the fights are 2 to 1! Decidedly lopsided. Any more than that, IMO, is just obscene. And what the hell is with these people having 6+ kids? There is no reason on earth to have that many kids. This isn't pre-1920. Odds are damn good you don't need 'em for cheap labor (which is why my grandpa's parents had so many kids), you're obviously just having kids to fill some other void you've got in your life. Having that many kids is just as bad as that old lady with 50 cats.

Which brings me to my next point. All the trouble that people go through to have kids in the first place. Having kids should be an easy natural process. People and animals have been doing it for millenia! If you can't do it without the aid of "science" then you're not meant to have 'em. If you go through 12 stillbirths, you're not meant to have one. Why put yourself through it? If you just have to, frikken adopt!!! If you love kids so bloody damn much, then adopt a kid. There are thousands, probably millions, of poor kids who were abandoned for one reason or another, give your love to them. If ya love kids so damn much, it shouldn't matter if it's "yours" or not. Make it yours. Give him/her a family that you want so much. Genetic material is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. When Native Americans brought Anglos into their tribe and made them part of the tribe, they weren't an Anglo tribesman. They became part of that bloodline in more than just a symbolic way. Besides, ya never know when one of those adopted kids is gonna grow into someone great. Dave Thomas and Scott Hamilton just to name two.

We've all seen the "unintended" results of over-use of fertilization methods outside of nature. Those people who have 4, 5, hell 8 kids at once? That doesn't happen naturally. That's some idjit with a petri dish fertilizing 10 eggs and sticking them back in the woman's body. That's fertility drugs causing the woman to over-ovulate. That's science interfering with nature and it's screwing up the eco-system! The bitch about this situation is you can't really punish the parents for their fuck-up without also punishing the kids. It's not the kids' fault their parents screwed up, but when ya go and donate supplies to people like this you're saying "Oh, it's okay, you over-fertilized yourself like a bloody damn lawn and now you've got more kids than you can take care of and that's okay." It's not okay. It's irresponsible.

Which brings me to my last part of this rant. I'm only adding this cuz it's part of the train of thought and should prevent me from ranting further on the subject. Abortion. Oh no! The "A" word. You mean adultery? No, not the 'Scarlet" letter, the "A" word. In this day and age with thousands (or more) of kids sitting in orphanages and foster homes, why would someone want to go and try and force someone else to have a baby they're gonna get rid of anyway? First off, it's none of your damn business what people do with their bodies. Personally I think that people who are against abortion should be required to sign up to be adoptive parents. People are gonna have them anyway, it's just a difference of whether it's done in a sterile clinic by someone who knows what they're doing, instead of in a dingy alley with knitting needles. How can I be okay with abortion on an emotional level? Easy. It is my opinion that a person's soul does not enter their body until they take their first breath. All of those things that go on with the fetus in the womb are all subconscious reactions. Beating heart, muscle twitches all that are not signs of cognitive life. They're things that happen without any thought given. Once that baby pops out and takes it's first breath and then screams bloody murder, THEN it's a living, breathing human being. Aaron disagrees, you probably do too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Army Story

I wish I was 1/2 the storyteller my dad is, but I'll give it my best shot. My dad took out a loan to pay some bills and I told him that no one would hold it against him if he just took the money and left for Mexico. He told me that if there was one time he would have headed for Mexico, it would have been when he was in the Army, then proceeded to relay the following tale:

It was early on in his military career. He was a payguard, which is the guy that guards the guy who carries the money for people's paychecks. The money carrier guy had to use the bathroom or something and left my dad, alone, in a room with two loaded .45s and $40,000 cash. The only thing that stopped him, or so he says, was that he didn't think that even in Mexico in the 70s that $40k would last that long. So he didn't risk it. If it hadn't been around the holiday season (which holiday he didn't specify) then the take would have been much greater.

So I guess the moral (or at least my secondary reason for telling this story) is that nothing is accidental. Had any one of a number of factors been different in that very situation (and that surrounding my parent's meeting) then I wouldn't be here. I'd be living some other life with some other family in some other place. We each live the life we were meant to live. For better or for worse. At the risk of getting too philosophical, each decision we make is like a stone on a pond. The ripples reaching further and touching more things than the stone itself ever could.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Witchcraft and Stereotypes

I always have an open invitation for anyone who has questions about my chosen path. I hardly get any questions, but I think they might be there. My friend Ariesa (Emmasteen here on MySpace) wrote this up and I thought it was pretty complete (and fun to read) so with her permission I'm re-posting it here for you guys.
First of all, I need to clarify that this kind of thing doesn't happen to me often. When it does, it's usually minor, and no big deal. Today, something minor occured that sparked me to write this blog. And this particular incident isn't what set me off, it just got me thinking, and progressively more agitated.

Witchcraft. Wicca. Witch. Spells.
What do you think when you see those words? What images pop into your head? Is it what pop-culture has made them out to be? Warty old hags in black hats flying on a broom? Or is it what the patriarchal Christian religions have taught you? That we are servants to the Devil who will curse anyone who crosses us? Or, perhaps, do you see a friend, or a neighbor, someone who is relatively normal (well, as normal as anyone can be) with a slightly different religious and philosophical viewpoint?
I am a Witch. Something of a Neo-Wiccan, as I don't belong to a coven. I prefer to follow my own path. I've heard it called Natural Witchery, not because I inherited magickal powers, but because I follow my instincts and learn and craft my own beliefs around both old and new ideas. Old concepts mixed with some of the newer Wiccan concepts.
Today, someone said to me, "you looked cute. you didn't seem the type to be wiccan."
Now... what the hell is that supposed to mean?? My response was, "you know, not all Witches are ugly."
It didn't bother me. It simply made me laugh a bit. Because so many people still have this deeply rooted fear and prejudice of this religion that is so misunderstood. But then I got to thinking about other minor incidents, and then not-so-minor incidents that I've actually heard about, and I was inspired to write this.
Myth 1: Witches and pagans are Satanists.
Truth 1: A couple of years ago, a classmate of mine, who was 42 at the time, and in no way an immature idiot, saw my belly button ring which has a pentagram on it, and asked me, "You worship Satan? You're a Satanist?? You don't look like a Satanist."
My response was, "I don't even believe in Satan, so how on earth could I worship him?"
Satan is a Christian concept. Younger than Paganism. Paganism and Witchcraft predate Satan. It is true, that many Satanists call themselves Witches, and they stole our symbol, inverting it to make one of their own. If you look closely at the Pentagram, only if the double points are facing upwards is it a Satanic symbol. When the single point is facing upwards, it is a symbol of Paganism. It actually at one time was a Christian symbol, but during the Inquisition became corrupted. It is a symbol of peace and protection and balance, not evil.
It is true that Witches use darker deities at times, but I'll get into that later.
Myth 2: Witches have powers that "normal" people do not. I was once asked by my friend's son, who was 15 at the time, "Can you levitate? Can you shoot sparks like Harry Potter??" Sadly, he was dead serious.
Truth 2: We largely have pop culture to blame for this misconception. No, I cannot shoot sparks out of my wand. I don't even have a wand. I feel tacky using one. No, I cannot levitate. That's ridiculous. I cannot twitch my nose and make my room clean in an instant. I do not have the ability to foretell the winning lotto numbers. If I did, I'd be at my mansion in the Bahamas right now, and not here. Magick (spelled different at times to differentiate between it and stage magic) is not a fix-all. It is not a short cut. I cannot turn anyone who pisses me off into a newt, even if I wanted to. I am just Emily, a practicing Witch who uses spellwork to focus and meditation to strengthen my soul.
Myth 3: There are good and bad Witches, just like there is "white and black magick." I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by someone in a nervous voice, "But you're a GOOD witch right? You only practice white magick??"
Truth 3: There is no person who is wholly good or wholly bad. I'm sure Hitler treated some people nicely. Gandhi was even known to beat his wife. There is no black and white, and if you've been paying attention to LIFE IN GENERAL you would know this. A librarian can be a murderer, just like a rapist could be a father. Priests molest little boys, and they are supposed to be the embodiment of good. There is no line. It all lies within the heart of the Witch, just like it lies in the heart of the person to be good or bad. It's all about choice. I'm generally a nice person, but I've had nasty thoughts and nasty moments. Does that make me evil?
Myth 4: Witches have to be women. And they have to dress in black all the time, and be scary looking. They have to never smile. Witches are ugly with warts and crazy hair. Witches are goth.
Truth 4: Before I really get into this answer, here's a funny story. A few years ago, when I was relying on the bus system to get around, I would constantly be harassed on the bus due to my race. You go look at my pictures, you'll see I look totally "normal." When I was talking to my mom about my harassment issues, she said "Why don't you pump up your 'image' a bit? Act the Witch?" So I did. I dressed in all black the next day, with a black shawl, black fingerless gloves, black nail polish, my pentagram necklace showing, black eyeliner, black boots and fishnets, and carried around a spellbook in plain sight. No one bothered me.
I understand these misconceptions. We've crafted them through horror stories and legend. They aren't accurate though. I dress how I want to dress. Sometimes I wear black, but generally I like color more. I don't have warts or crazy hair. Look at my pictures. I AM A WITCH REGARDLESS OF HOW I LOOK. A Witch could look gothic if they wanted to, but it's just as likely to be that perky blonde in front of you at the grocery store, or that little old man with the Santa Claus cheeks who fills your prescriptions.
Also, men can be Witches, too. And NO they are not called "Warlocks." That is horribly misconstrued. If a guy ever tells you he's a Warlock, tell him he better study some history. "Warlock" is the old Scottish term for "Deciever" and was actually a word adopted during the Inquisition when people would turn in Witches to the authorities to be burned at the stake, hanged, drowned or tortured. WARLOCK IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE TERM FOR A MALE WITCH.
Myth 5: Even if they aren't Satanists, Witches are evil.
Truth 5: I had a "friend" once, and the moment I came out of the broom closet and told him I was a Witch, he didn't want to speak to me anymore. He said he couldn't be friends with someone evil. I could hurt him at any moment with a curse or something.
Like I said, there CAN be bad Witches. But ALL of the ones I have met have taken an oath to HELP people, to enrich their lives, to try to make the world a better place. Not to harm them. The Wiccan Rede, which not ALL follow, but I do, and many I know do, states "An it harm none, do as ye will." Meaning, we are not to harm anything. Many also believe in cause-and-effect, or kharma, or the three-fold-law ("And ever mind the rule of Three, what thee sends out comes back to thee.") If we work a harmful spell, or even perform a harmful act, we believe that the Universe will punish us three times worse than what we did. So why on earth would we want to curse anyone if it might make our lives harder in the long run??? This even goes for love spells, or any spells that could manipulate a person's free will. They're probably going to go horribly wrong unless you get that person's permission. Even for a healing spell, they have to give their permission. Because it is WRONG, maybe not always harmful, but WRONG to manipulate a person's life.
Myth 6: All Witches mess with drugs.
Truth 6: As I've said before. This can't apply to everyone. But I personally do not use drugs, and many Witches do not like to use mind-altering substances. How can our focus and intention and magick and spells work if we aren't in our right mind? Many Witches prefer a completely toxin-free lifestyle as it's good for the body and the Earth.
Myth 7: The broom in the corner of the room? We fly on it.
Truth 7: Sadly, I HAVE been asked if my broom is for flying. No. If it was, I wouldn't own a freaking car and bother with gas prices. Brooms, or besoms as we call them, are used for sweeping away negative energy, and are a symbol of hearth and home.
Myth 8: Witches make animal sacrfices.
Truth 8: Remember the "harm none" rule? Yeah. Witchcraft is about Nature and a connection to the Earth. Animals are part of nature. We love animals. We would never hurt them for our own gain.
Myth 9: Witches summon demons.
Truth 9: Demons are scary mother fuckers, why the HELL would I want to bring one willingly to me or anyone else??? That's just stupid. Granted, some of our gods are called demons by Christians, like Loki the Norse God of Chaos and Mischief, but they are not demons. Like I said, that is just plain stupid.
Myth 10: Witches go to hell.
Truth 10: There is no truth here. Just belief and perception. Witches are not Christians therefore Witches do not believe in hell. It is a Christian concept. We believe if we do something bad, we will pay somehow, in this life or the next, because there has to be balance. Tell me I'm going to Hell all you want, I'm just going to smile and say "They probably have AC by now."
Myth 11: Witches try to recruit people. I knew someone who thought I was trying to convert him when all we were doing was discussing the differences in our religions.
Truth 11: Witches are big believers in free will. We do not try to force people to do anything. If they hear the call to the Craft, they will come. It's not for everyone. Religion is a personal choice.
Myth 12: Witches are always using "voodoo" and spells. It's all about the magick.
Truth 12: I actually got into Witchcraft for the way it made me feel spiritually. I do very few spells. They are tricky things. I pray and meditate and study far more than I perform spells. And I don't use voodoo.
Myth13: Witches don't believe in God.
Truth 13: My favorite response to this is "Well, which god are you talking about??" I don't believe in the Christian concept of divinity, that's for certain. But I believe in a higher power, that we couldn't possibly understand. I refer to them as my God and Goddess in general, and I use the names of different gods depending on what I need in my life. Most Witches are very spiritual, and feel a connection to that higher power. However, ask 5 witches about divinity, and you will get 5 different answers. I personally believe that there are many facets, so many we can't even concieve of them all, and they all make up that One that connects us all. I pray. I speak with my gods often. How many Christians can say they pray daily?
Myth 14: All Witches are hornballs with overactive sex drives.
Truth 14: If you're a Puritan you might think that. But no, we're not. We do, however, believe that sex is a form of worship, a symbol of the God and Goddess coming together and of human connection, as long as you are with someone you care about. Sex is holy to us, so yes, we are very open about it. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of sex that meant jackshit, but it was just practice for the times that mean something. When it means something, we feel it, probably more so. Because the act of coming together with someone you have an emotional connection with is deeply spiritual and uplifting for us.
So there you have it. Take from it what you will.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brak Day!

Spent some time with Brak yesterday. ^_^ Not as much as I had hoped, sadly. Hit traffic and red lights all morning, then my dad came in earlier than expected. *sigh* Anyways, I had a great time! Got to see the rats up close and personal (not that personal), met her cat, sat and talked and did a tarot reading which came up really good. The appointment went very well (as I said before). Sometimes it just helps to have someone else there. Keeps doctors (and residents, apparently) on their best behavior. I was a little nervouse . . . . it has been 7 years, but I think it went well. lol

I haven't uploaded it yet, but Aaron got a big penguin out of the big crane at Wal*Mart. I named him Wallace. lmao Only one with a name. ^_^ We've had the worst luck at HEB, though. We may stop by there later today with better results. . . or we may go somewhere else. lol

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Springfieldians, Unite!

~*~roflmao~*~ I'm so happy. Twice I've gotten the simpsonizer to work. You can see me, off to the left there, and here's Aaron!

Isn't he cute? ^_^ If you hadn't guessed, it's a slow day for me. lol Just gotta make sure I get to bed early, cuz I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow! *teehee*
Been busy, here's two more! The one on the left is my mom, the one on the right is Nate. ^_^



Just wait, I'm gonna get my dad, that one is gonna be great!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yes, I'm bored enough to blog about a movie. lol We watched it last night. Aaron saw it in the theatre and wouldn't shut up about it so I'm glad we finally have it. I liked it. I'd say it made it into my top 50 favorite movies . . . not that I'd ever made an actual list of my favorites, but I've seen a lot worse. ^_^ Prior to watching the movie (actually just before it released in theatres) I stayed up and watched a special on the History Channel about the actual battle. I'm glad I did, cuz the movie did fudge a few of the facts. Like, the movie would have you believe that the other Greeks came to supplement the Spartans, when it was the other way around. The Spartans sent who they could to supplement the Greek army who was going to stand against Xerxes. Also, that formation they did in the tunnel area, where they were funnelling in Xerxes' troops, they stayed like that for much longer than is implied. Also, the part with the boats crashing all over the place happened after the bulk of the battle. The ships came in as reinforcements for Xerxes and the Greeks actually had a few ships of their own out there as well. Not near as many, but they stood their own . . . . for a while. Also, Leonides died earlier than they showed, but I guess that would have been a little anticlimactic for the movie. I think it would have been interesting, though, for them to show the Greeks and the Persians fighting over his body, which they did. Not trying to nitpick (which Aaron accuses me of constantly), just doing my part to spread information. For anyone interested. Let me repeat, I did like the movie! I did. I really don't think they could have done much better. Except for the part with the Oracle. Being as she had absolutely NO tits, it would have been better for me if they had just kept 'em covered.