Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Back

Almost a full week it's been since I've been online. So many e-mails. And a giant thank you to Shed and Sandy. I was thinking I was gonna have to go down there. Of course a $10 jump in 3 years has me worried. I could do it online for $35 if I had a credit card. Anyone wanna loan me their credit card? j/k I have been having some of the wierdest dreams lately. SO freakin' real. In one I threw a fit and about knocked a bitch out and in another I got so upset by something someone said that I almost vomited. (If you didn't go to Middle School with me, ya probably don't know him) It took me 4, count 'em 4 days to mow the lawn. Between that and taking Whiskers out my legs look like I've got the pox on me. I think the mosquitos are organizing a revolt against me.

If you remember, on neopets, I joined team Kiko Lake for the Altador Cup. We sucked out loud. lol I think we ended up being the 3rd worst team. But a friend of mine (I think she lives in Sweden?) was on the winning team, so I'm happy for her. She busted her ass and I barely played. lol I think I'll join her team next year. On the bright side, I got the "Neomail Addict" avatar while I was neomailing her, so I'm happy about that.

If you've got some free time (and haven't yet) you should check out Five Minutes to Kill Yourself. It's a game, and it's fun. Definetly helps with the stress. If you have played that, or if you're just curious, apparently someone in Japan has researched just exactly how your mouse cursor works. You know, that little arrow that goes around your screen? Just Click Here to see a super maginfied image of how your cursor works! Trust me, it's hilarious. Don't forget to click, to see how clicking works . . . and let it rest for a while, cuz that's funny too. ^_^ Just trust me.

Oh, and this pic I'm using is from High School. I was gonna do the color eyes too, but couldn't remember how I had done it before. I remember now, but it's kind of late, so maybe next time.

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