Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good News & Bad News

I'll start with the bad news because I like to leave y'all on a high note. The bad news is that Darrel is MIA. I'm hoping in my heart that the newspaper lady picked him up. Even if she did (which I fervently hope), that has left his little buddy here all by his lonesome. Not unusual for a stray, but his paw is hurt bad. He's laying on our back porch at the moment. Aaron put out some food and water for him. He did eat, which is good, but I'm still worried about him. If y'all could just send some happy thoughts to Darrel and his little buddy (nicknamed Junior) then I'd really appreciate it.

Now for the good news. Aaron and I went to Wal*Mart last night and hit the crane games. Yes, it's an ongoing obsession. A couple of days ago we got Patrick (Spongebob's friend), but last night was even better. We finally nabbed "HE-OH-MA-EH-ER". {Remember that one, where Maggie got the 'speak & spell' frog thing?}

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