Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Game Stop Gripe

Normally, I love Game Stop. (the one by HEB) Friendly staff, some really obscure movies for $1.99, used games cheaper than new . . .but therein lies the problem. Cuz see, yesterday we took in four games to trade-in to try and get The Sims and a movie. Okay, so the fact that we actually got enough in trade-in placated me a little, but not entirely. The guy (I forget his name . . . Andy? Tony? Andy, I think) would not take Monster Rancher 3. Logically I understand this, because it was pretty scratched up, but the fact is, it's in the exact same condition that it was in when we bought it . . . from that very store! So, what I want to know is who's the schmoe that's accepting people's scratched up games in the first place and then selling them to people like me who don't have the connections to trade them back in? And what in the blue bloody HELL is up with people and the missing cases? I mean, especially if you're gonna trade the game back in, hang on to the damn case. It's the best place for the disc, ya know. And it also keeps the book handy. What'd ya do with the book, huh? Yer dog eat it!?


I'm better now. ^_^ I finished the Dark Tower series. According to the "afterword" he wasn't happy with his own ending (which wasn't his own, but the "story's"), but I liked it. It made perfect sense to me. And . . . that's all I'm gonna say on that. Ya know, in case you plan on reading it. To Sai King, I say thankya.

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