Sunday, July 22, 2007


Let's see if I can actually do this now. I'm not sure if I've written about EVPs before . . . really don't want to repeat myself. If you've read my rant about EVPs, then I guess you can just skip down to the link.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon can be chilling to hear. You take your nifty little recorder (cassette or digital) talk to the spirit and when you play the recording back there are voices on there that by all rights shouldn't be. Anyone can do it. We have a digital "Internal Chip" recorder. This is good-ish because it's voice activated (even spiritual voice), but bad because it doesn't make it's own white noise. Cassette recorders are good because they do make white noise as the tape runs through, but you run the risk of the tape running out halfway through a really good EVP. It's pretty much a personal choice and we went digital. We haven't caught anything yet, but haven't given up hope either.
EVPs come in different catagories ranging from "Very distinct" to "Unintelligeable". More or less. In some it's so clear that if you weren't there you would swear that it was a physical person speaking. Some you can make out, but their kind of grainy sounding. Some you can hear something, but there's some debate as to what's being said. And some where you can hear something, but you're not quite sure if it's even a voice or something else. The question I want answered is why for shows, like Ghost Hunters, when they catch an EVP it doesn't show up on the crews microphones? Is it because of that big fluffy thing they put over it? Does that muffle the spectral voice? If we were going through a haunted place with a regular handheld video recorder, would that pic up EVPs? I dunno, but that would be pretty creepy, huh? Watching yourself talking to thin air and then watching yourself being answered? *shudders* I hope it works. That would be super kewl.
If anyone finds, like, an archive of EVPs that has some really good ones, feel free to share with the rest of us. For now, here's a pretty good one I've found. Personally, I like to "right-click" and "save target as", but I think if you just click on them the little internal player starts up. . . . I think. Anywho, here it is: The Shadowlands Ghost Sounds Page. Good a place an any (and better than most) to start. ^_^
Also, starting 'Salem's Lot, and finally watching "House of Wax" got me wanting to visit a real ghost town. I did a google search on ghost towns, but I'm too tired to check it now. You can if you want to. You can save me a little work by letting me know if there's actually deserted places I could visit. *snickers* If not I'll check it sometime. Eventually. ^_^ I'm about to "preview & post" so keep yer fingers crossed that my "I"s don't go all screwy!
P.S. - I changed the 'ticker' on my profile. Since having Frijana zapped into a baby I've mostly decided to go for the 'Adam' avatar. You have to have as much np as he does . . . which is a lot. Gonna probably have to get lucky, but who knows? Not much I planned on doing anyway.

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