Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blame The Victim

And why the hell not, apparently. As sad as it is, this seems to be the méthode du jour. Not only do we live in a time and place where a burgler can sue you if he hurts himself breaking into your house; but also where the word "rape" can be banned at a rape trial! Not only that, just recently a man did not stand trial for allegedly serial raping and molesting a seven year old girl! Why? Because "the court could not find a suitable translater". Oh hell. This guy had been living in America for years. Went to school here, went to college here and has been working here for YEARS! He speaks English on a daily basis, spoke English to the reporters afterwords. On top of that the New York Times reporter covering the story found 3 (count 'em 3) translaters within an hour, one of which is living in the town the guy does! Somebody really dropped the ball on this one. I caught this story on Glenn Beck. I agree with him, roughly 65% of the time, and this is definetly one of them. Someone ought to be held accountable for this. What on EARTH is going on with our judicial system? Why is it that some stupid bitch can get millions of dollars for burning herself on coffee that she ordered HOT, and charges as heinous as this can be thrown out because they can't find a translator for a guy who speaks English anyway? Oh, and don't get me started on the dumb bitch defence attourney he had on there. "Oh, well, just because he speaks English, doesn't mean he fully comprehends it" and of course "alleged" was her absolute favorite word. I think she probably has it tattoed on her somewhere so she doesn't forget it. I totally understand that everyone is entitled to a good defence, but I just don't see how those people live with themselves. "Oh, well, the prosecuters should have done a better job of proving their case". BA-LO-NEE. Do they have their conscience stripped from them when they hold their law degree, or does it happen at birth? On one hand we've got jails that are filled to the point of overcrowded, and then we've got people who they don't even attempt to shove in there anyway. Which is the bigger problem? Why do we have so many criminals that we don't have room for them or Why can't the bad guys be locked away (regardless of square footage concerns)? And people wonder why I've hermitized myself. Look at all the bullshit going on out there!

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