Saturday, July 28, 2007

Been Naughty ^_^

No, not that kind of naughty. lmao I think (aside from possibly re-doing my profile) that I'm just gonna take down that goal ticker. I spent quite a few nps the past couple of days. First, because I was bored so I bought a bunch of stamps for my album. A bunch of stamps. Second, I was trying to get the "Kelp" avatar. You have to go to Kelp, which is a resteraunt in Maraqua, and order food and you have to get leftovers to even have a chance at the avatar . . . which is random if you bring home leftovers. My pet went from bloated to very bloated (which I have never seen before) and even after being very bloated still didn't get leftovers! *gggrrrr* I was gonna get either a fire or Halloween pb for those avatars before spending all of my nps (which I haven't done . . .yet), but there weren't any fire ones and the Halloween one is 100,000np more than last time I got one. *sigh*

Oh . . . bad news. Sad news, actually, not sure if it's bad bad, but definetly sad. Our asshole neighbors called animal control to come get Darrell. Odds are very good he was euthanized. I'm not happy about it, but I guess at least he's at peace and won't get fucked with anymore. We've still got his buddy (Junior) hanging out on the back porch. That's just fine by me. It's a good, safe place for him. Or her . . . not sure. We'll keep feeding him and giving him water for as long as he decides to stay.

I know I've been having some wierd dreams, but I've been having a hard time remembering them. Still working on trying to archive the dream notebooks I've got, but I've been so busy. So busy. *sigh* Ah well, it's always darkest before the dawn. Should be everything will make sense soon.

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