Sunday, July 29, 2007

Super Funny

Click on any of the pics to go to the site where there are hundreds more. Some are super funny like this, some are kinda mean, some don't make sense and some are just in really bad taste, but the really funny ones make it worth it. (Thanks Ariesa!!)

You're welcome. ^_^

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Been Naughty ^_^

No, not that kind of naughty. lmao I think (aside from possibly re-doing my profile) that I'm just gonna take down that goal ticker. I spent quite a few nps the past couple of days. First, because I was bored so I bought a bunch of stamps for my album. A bunch of stamps. Second, I was trying to get the "Kelp" avatar. You have to go to Kelp, which is a resteraunt in Maraqua, and order food and you have to get leftovers to even have a chance at the avatar . . . which is random if you bring home leftovers. My pet went from bloated to very bloated (which I have never seen before) and even after being very bloated still didn't get leftovers! *gggrrrr* I was gonna get either a fire or Halloween pb for those avatars before spending all of my nps (which I haven't done . . .yet), but there weren't any fire ones and the Halloween one is 100,000np more than last time I got one. *sigh*

Oh . . . bad news. Sad news, actually, not sure if it's bad bad, but definetly sad. Our asshole neighbors called animal control to come get Darrell. Odds are very good he was euthanized. I'm not happy about it, but I guess at least he's at peace and won't get fucked with anymore. We've still got his buddy (Junior) hanging out on the back porch. That's just fine by me. It's a good, safe place for him. Or her . . . not sure. We'll keep feeding him and giving him water for as long as he decides to stay.

I know I've been having some wierd dreams, but I've been having a hard time remembering them. Still working on trying to archive the dream notebooks I've got, but I've been so busy. So busy. *sigh* Ah well, it's always darkest before the dawn. Should be everything will make sense soon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blame The Victim

And why the hell not, apparently. As sad as it is, this seems to be the m├ęthode du jour. Not only do we live in a time and place where a burgler can sue you if he hurts himself breaking into your house; but also where the word "rape" can be banned at a rape trial! Not only that, just recently a man did not stand trial for allegedly serial raping and molesting a seven year old girl! Why? Because "the court could not find a suitable translater". Oh hell. This guy had been living in America for years. Went to school here, went to college here and has been working here for YEARS! He speaks English on a daily basis, spoke English to the reporters afterwords. On top of that the New York Times reporter covering the story found 3 (count 'em 3) translaters within an hour, one of which is living in the town the guy does! Somebody really dropped the ball on this one. I caught this story on Glenn Beck. I agree with him, roughly 65% of the time, and this is definetly one of them. Someone ought to be held accountable for this. What on EARTH is going on with our judicial system? Why is it that some stupid bitch can get millions of dollars for burning herself on coffee that she ordered HOT, and charges as heinous as this can be thrown out because they can't find a translator for a guy who speaks English anyway? Oh, and don't get me started on the dumb bitch defence attourney he had on there. "Oh, well, just because he speaks English, doesn't mean he fully comprehends it" and of course "alleged" was her absolute favorite word. I think she probably has it tattoed on her somewhere so she doesn't forget it. I totally understand that everyone is entitled to a good defence, but I just don't see how those people live with themselves. "Oh, well, the prosecuters should have done a better job of proving their case". BA-LO-NEE. Do they have their conscience stripped from them when they hold their law degree, or does it happen at birth? On one hand we've got jails that are filled to the point of overcrowded, and then we've got people who they don't even attempt to shove in there anyway. Which is the bigger problem? Why do we have so many criminals that we don't have room for them or Why can't the bad guys be locked away (regardless of square footage concerns)? And people wonder why I've hermitized myself. Look at all the bullshit going on out there!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Let's see if I can actually do this now. I'm not sure if I've written about EVPs before . . . really don't want to repeat myself. If you've read my rant about EVPs, then I guess you can just skip down to the link.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon can be chilling to hear. You take your nifty little recorder (cassette or digital) talk to the spirit and when you play the recording back there are voices on there that by all rights shouldn't be. Anyone can do it. We have a digital "Internal Chip" recorder. This is good-ish because it's voice activated (even spiritual voice), but bad because it doesn't make it's own white noise. Cassette recorders are good because they do make white noise as the tape runs through, but you run the risk of the tape running out halfway through a really good EVP. It's pretty much a personal choice and we went digital. We haven't caught anything yet, but haven't given up hope either.
EVPs come in different catagories ranging from "Very distinct" to "Unintelligeable". More or less. In some it's so clear that if you weren't there you would swear that it was a physical person speaking. Some you can make out, but their kind of grainy sounding. Some you can hear something, but there's some debate as to what's being said. And some where you can hear something, but you're not quite sure if it's even a voice or something else. The question I want answered is why for shows, like Ghost Hunters, when they catch an EVP it doesn't show up on the crews microphones? Is it because of that big fluffy thing they put over it? Does that muffle the spectral voice? If we were going through a haunted place with a regular handheld video recorder, would that pic up EVPs? I dunno, but that would be pretty creepy, huh? Watching yourself talking to thin air and then watching yourself being answered? *shudders* I hope it works. That would be super kewl.
If anyone finds, like, an archive of EVPs that has some really good ones, feel free to share with the rest of us. For now, here's a pretty good one I've found. Personally, I like to "right-click" and "save target as", but I think if you just click on them the little internal player starts up. . . . I think. Anywho, here it is: The Shadowlands Ghost Sounds Page. Good a place an any (and better than most) to start. ^_^
Also, starting 'Salem's Lot, and finally watching "House of Wax" got me wanting to visit a real ghost town. I did a google search on ghost towns, but I'm too tired to check it now. You can if you want to. You can save me a little work by letting me know if there's actually deserted places I could visit. *snickers* If not I'll check it sometime. Eventually. ^_^ I'm about to "preview & post" so keep yer fingers crossed that my "I"s don't go all screwy!
P.S. - I changed the 'ticker' on my profile. Since having Frijana zapped into a baby I've mostly decided to go for the 'Adam' avatar. You have to have as much np as he does . . . which is a lot. Gonna probably have to get lucky, but who knows? Not much I planned on doing anyway.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good News & Bad News

I'll start with the bad news because I like to leave y'all on a high note. The bad news is that Darrel is MIA. I'm hoping in my heart that the newspaper lady picked him up. Even if she did (which I fervently hope), that has left his little buddy here all by his lonesome. Not unusual for a stray, but his paw is hurt bad. He's laying on our back porch at the moment. Aaron put out some food and water for him. He did eat, which is good, but I'm still worried about him. If y'all could just send some happy thoughts to Darrel and his little buddy (nicknamed Junior) then I'd really appreciate it.

Now for the good news. Aaron and I went to Wal*Mart last night and hit the crane games. Yes, it's an ongoing obsession. A couple of days ago we got Patrick (Spongebob's friend), but last night was even better. We finally nabbed "HE-OH-MA-EH-ER". {Remember that one, where Maggie got the 'speak & spell' frog thing?}

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Back

Almost a full week it's been since I've been online. So many e-mails. And a giant thank you to Shed and Sandy. I was thinking I was gonna have to go down there. Of course a $10 jump in 3 years has me worried. I could do it online for $35 if I had a credit card. Anyone wanna loan me their credit card? j/k I have been having some of the wierdest dreams lately. SO freakin' real. In one I threw a fit and about knocked a bitch out and in another I got so upset by something someone said that I almost vomited. (If you didn't go to Middle School with me, ya probably don't know him) It took me 4, count 'em 4 days to mow the lawn. Between that and taking Whiskers out my legs look like I've got the pox on me. I think the mosquitos are organizing a revolt against me.

If you remember, on neopets, I joined team Kiko Lake for the Altador Cup. We sucked out loud. lol I think we ended up being the 3rd worst team. But a friend of mine (I think she lives in Sweden?) was on the winning team, so I'm happy for her. She busted her ass and I barely played. lol I think I'll join her team next year. On the bright side, I got the "Neomail Addict" avatar while I was neomailing her, so I'm happy about that.

If you've got some free time (and haven't yet) you should check out Five Minutes to Kill Yourself. It's a game, and it's fun. Definetly helps with the stress. If you have played that, or if you're just curious, apparently someone in Japan has researched just exactly how your mouse cursor works. You know, that little arrow that goes around your screen? Just Click Here to see a super maginfied image of how your cursor works! Trust me, it's hilarious. Don't forget to click, to see how clicking works . . . and let it rest for a while, cuz that's funny too. ^_^ Just trust me.

Oh, and this pic I'm using is from High School. I was gonna do the color eyes too, but couldn't remember how I had done it before. I remember now, but it's kind of late, so maybe next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Subliminally Green

I think you get it.

Why am I having such a hard time getting a straight answer about when and how much it costs to get a food handler's card? I know what building they do it in. Same one we went to for the free clinic. But what day/time? How much is it? My sister is a frikkin manager at Wendy's and couldn't give me a straight answer. Why do I get the feeling people just enjoy screwin' with me?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Lake Won't Stop!

Okay, you know how when you go down to the island, you take the road and the first thing you come to is the road to the fishing pier on the right, then right after that is the "barricade" that you drive through, then you keep going until you reach the turn in area where you find the path to get to the lake? (And further down is the actual lake park, but how often did we go there?) Well, the water has risen so high, that you can't even reach that first lake-road barricade without getting your feet wet! From a certain angle, we could see the road pull back up out of the water, but there is no way to get to it without a boat. Here are some pics:

No Shit!

That's the Lake!

If you want to see the rest of the pics we took, Click Here! Okay, the first few are the ones from before, the flood ones start at "Near the Pier", then they continue on to the next page.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

"The Road Not Taken"

We have a book called "The Intellectual Devotional". It's like regular devotional books, except that instead of "inspiration" it has information. Last night I flipped it open and just happen to come across this Robert Frost poem. Interesting to me how it came upon a poem after posting tournament pics and going down memory lane to those tournaments, and the cafe and the tree.

I had never read the full poem before, though I have heard the first line many times over the years. Having read it, I do like it. To me it's saying that many of our decisions, no matter how big or small, each have their pros and cons, but rarely is one decision vastly better or worse than the other. No matter which path we take, somewhere down the line we'll be looking back and wondering "What if?". What if I had done A instead of B? Things would be different, sure; but in the end, all factors accounted for, could one really be better than the other?

I'm glad for all of my experiences and all of the people I've known. I'm glad for the decisions I've made, and those I let pass. Sure, if I fought for the funding and gone to college I could very well have a successful job and money to burn, but odds are just as good that I'd be lonely, working my way towards spinsterhood. I may not have joined OWR, met Wkd and along that path joined MySpace to reconnect with my friends here.

"The Road Not Taken"

by: Robert Frost

"Two road diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Frost Facts:

1) Frost was well aware that most readers misinterpreted "The Road Not Taken." During one famous lecture, he warned the audience, "You have to be careful of that one. It's a tricky poem, very tricky."

2) Frost's career started remarkably late for a poet. His first published collections, A Boy's Will, did not appear until he was almost forty.

3) President John F. Kennedy greatly admired the works of Frost, who read his poem "The Gift Outright" at his inauguration ceremony in 1961.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Game Stop Gripe

Normally, I love Game Stop. (the one by HEB) Friendly staff, some really obscure movies for $1.99, used games cheaper than new . . .but therein lies the problem. Cuz see, yesterday we took in four games to trade-in to try and get The Sims and a movie. Okay, so the fact that we actually got enough in trade-in placated me a little, but not entirely. The guy (I forget his name . . . Andy? Tony? Andy, I think) would not take Monster Rancher 3. Logically I understand this, because it was pretty scratched up, but the fact is, it's in the exact same condition that it was in when we bought it . . . from that very store! So, what I want to know is who's the schmoe that's accepting people's scratched up games in the first place and then selling them to people like me who don't have the connections to trade them back in? And what in the blue bloody HELL is up with people and the missing cases? I mean, especially if you're gonna trade the game back in, hang on to the damn case. It's the best place for the disc, ya know. And it also keeps the book handy. What'd ya do with the book, huh? Yer dog eat it!?


I'm better now. ^_^ I finished the Dark Tower series. According to the "afterword" he wasn't happy with his own ending (which wasn't his own, but the "story's"), but I liked it. It made perfect sense to me. And . . . that's all I'm gonna say on that. Ya know, in case you plan on reading it. To Sai King, I say thankya.