Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Role Reversal (+plus)

I think I have my own share of "old-fashioned" views. Like, one parent should stay home to take care of the house and kids, and the one making the money decides what's done with the money. Spouses should support each other and whatever's said in the bedroom stays there unless decided otherwise by both parties. Family before friends, corperal punishment (within reason) is okay, and so is a degree of parental spying. Parents should raise their kids and not technology. (seriously, if you don't want your kids watching something, don't let 'em. Fuck V-chip, it's called a remote and 4AAs cost 98 cents <--and most remotes only take 2) I realize this isn't always possible and different things work for different people. Just working my way up to what I was really thinking about. Ya know, the 'reversal' part. ^_^
Aaron does the cooking, and I like that. He's a great cook. Most top chefs are men, so I don't understand why cooking would still be concidered "women's" work. As for myself, I like mowing the lawn. The hum and vibration of the mower kinda drown out all the voices in my head so I can concentrate on one thing at a time, which is a relief. Okay, sometimes two things, but it's still a relief. Aaron hates that I do it, but what the hell. I like it. It's gets me up and moving, out in the fresh air and, ya know, the voices. I also get a real kick out of being able to take charge and change my own damn tire thankyouverymuch. For the militant feminist who lives in my head there's no better feeling than telling some cocky ass "No thanks, I've already got it taken care of." Ha! (as the open-hearted spiritualist pleads "Not all men are like that, some just really want to help" See what I mean? The voices) I'll let a guy hold the door for me, but don't mind holding it myself. I'll do what I can as plumber/electrician around the house, but (unlike a cocky ass) know when to call for professional help. lol
I think that's really something that got lost in translation during the feminist movement. Yes, we can vote. Yes, anything some man can do, some woman can also do. We can hold down jobs, pay for our own dinner, change our own tires, get our own chairs/doors, and open our own pickle jars. We can also be the poster child for the perfect 50's wife and mother ("Would you like your pipe and slippers dear?"). Or anything in between and it's all okay, because the movement gave us the choice! I don't think letting a man feel like a man takes us back any. If anything, it empowers us more, because we let them! Ha! And besides, who doesn't like to see their man's chest swell with pride when they get the lid off that jar of pickles? I know I do . . . and I really do have weak little girly arms . . . . .


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