Thursday, June 21, 2007


I know, very descriptive. Okay, so the fridge is still hovering under 50. The strip of whatever that keeps it sealed is cracked in some places, so until I can replace that I'm gonna duct tape it. That's gonna take a while, cuz I wanna do it right. Still workin' the ice things.

Just picked up our 200th DVD movie today. *drumroll* "Shrek 2"! Yay! lol We also got Son-in-Law (#199). Debating over whether or not I wanna post the whole list. *shrugs* Maybe. I already have it on the computer. Just gotta add in the 4 new ones.

Oh, watched that show "The Universe" on the history channel last night. Very cool show. They were doing Jupiter. I learned so much, I think I may have a 'vacation' there, or one of the moons, maybe. ^_^ For one of the moons (Europa) it's covered in ice and there are these guys developing this thing that's gonna go to Europa and melt through some of the ice to get to the water underneath and take samples and pictures. It's supposed to launch in 2019 . . . they didn't say how long it would be up and when it would come back, but whenever it is, I hope I'm alive cuz I really wanna know what it finds. How kewl would that be?! Life on one of Jupiter's moons!? Mindboggling.

It's now been a month since my mom's knee replacement. She's doing really well. Still limps some, uses her cane around the house and her walker outside, but everyone's thrilled with her progress. Soon we won't have the in-home physical therapy and I'll be taking her to the outpatient therapy. Hopefully she'll be strong enough to drive soon so I can follow up on some *ahem* employment leads. I don't wanna push it, though. I think I've been good about that. It's agitating and exhausting looking after her, but it's only temporary.

I'm now working on the final "Dark Tower" book. *sigh* I'm happy and sad. lol I don't want it to end! lmao So far all of the main characters are still alive. I don't see Roland making it to the end, though. He's in a pretty bad way. I'm trying not to rush through it.

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