Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Nudder Funny Crane Story

I think it is anyway. ^_^ Okay, so late last night Aaron and I went to HEB to pick up some soda and candy and we hit the crane games on our way out. I managed to nab the boy Shrek baby to go with the girl. Not a great day, but it was something. You can see him next to his sis in the pic below. That's the net I made for 'em.

We went back to HEB to pick up some ice (our fridge is busted, if anyone has any tips to get it working again, I'm all ears) and I managed to turn some nickles and pennies into a quarter at the self-check out. Score for me! Didn't get any toys from that shot, but I was happy I managed to trick the register into giving me another quarter instead of spitting out the same change I put in there. *teehee* I guess that's it. As usual, if you wanna see the pic of just the Shrek baby boy, it's in my album with all the rest. I think I may have found some motivation to really quit smoking once and for all. As expensive as these packs are, that's like 6 tries a day!! Yes, Sandy, I'm a crackhead. So are you. lol And now I have something else to be "occupied" over!

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