Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Myth

"My name is Lizzy. I am a spiritual advisor to the King. While I have everything I could possibly want or need, I feel there is more out there. I take my plight to the King. "Your Majesty," I begin. "You are looking well."

He laughs his hardy laugh. "Thanks to your spells and potions I feel as though I could live forever. What brings you this day?"

"Highness, I don't mean to seem presumptuous, but I have a favor to ask of you . . . ."

"Oh?" At this he leans forward, eyebrows raised. I am very nervous. "What is your request?"

"I wish to take a spirit journey," a look of concern crosses his face so I push forward. "I am very grateful for all that you have bestowed upon me, and I have every intention to return. However, I feel deep inside of myself that there is something out there I must find. The stars are positioned and the Runes are adamant. I can no longer ignore the signs. Please, Sire, I must go." I hold my breath, and my heart is pounding in my chest. I hope I've not made an utter fool of myself.

"Come closer Lizzy." I came and knelt before his throne, looking deep into his bright blue eyes. "My mind tells me I should keep you here. I don't know what I will do without your guidance. Then, my heart tells me I should let you go, that you really need this." He pauses for a moment, though it feels like an eternity. "How will I know to contact you should there be an emergency?"

Has he just granted my request? "Honestly, Highness, I don't know. I have faith, though, that I would not be called away if it were not safe to do so. If it would ease your mind, I could cast a protection spell on the castle before I go. The knights should still stand guard, but their victory is assured."

"It pains me to do so, I shall surely miss you, but your request is granted. Godspeed to you, may you find what you seek."

"Thank you Highness, you shan't regret this," I bow and leave his chambers. I should pack. The sooner I can leave, the better. My first stop is the kitchen. I grab a couple loaves of bread from Rosita and a small pitcher of water. Making my way to my room. I won't take too much with me. A little bit of food, a change of clothes, a fresh journal, pen, my protection amulet and a sturdy blanket should it get cold. I have faith that anything I should need will be provided for me along the way. One last look around my room and I'm ready to leave. Before I reach the castle gates, Rosita hands me a small sack. She informs me that it is from the King. She wishes me luck and Godspeed. I kiss her cheek and begin my journey.

Upon leaving the castle grounds, I'm drawn to the forest that lies to the East. So this is where I am headed. The sky is clear and a cool breeze brushes across my body. What will I find? By the time I reach the forest, it is getting rather warm, the shade of the trees is a welcome relief. The soft grass beneath my feet, coupled with my leisurely pace, keeps me from feeling strained. I continue walking, looking around at the myriad of plant life surrounding me. Berries, flowers, herbs, mosses, as far as the eye can see. One plant in particular catches my eye. It's a lovely flower, a little small but with vibrant blue and purple petals. I hoist my bag off of my shoulder and lay it on the ground, careful not to crush any other flowers, and sit before this Blue Beauty.

"Hello you pretty thing. It's amazing you can grow without seeing the sun."

I hear a soft voice in my head, "Hi! I don't remember seeing you before. My name is Violet. This is my home. All of the plant life here is connected so we're like family. These big trees make sure I get plenty of light and water, but not too much. The grass and clovers keep me cozy. We're here to give food and shelter and ask very little in return." As Violet tells me all about plant life, the sun begins to set. She tells me there is a safe clearing a little further ahead. I thank her and head for the meadow. The grass is so soft, and the stars are so brilliant, it seems almost a shame to sleep through it all. As I roll out my blanket and stare up at the stars sleep comes easily.

I am awoken by a soft stirring at the edge of the clearing. As my eyes refocus I see what I believe to be a Troll peering at me from behind a rock. "Hello," I say softly to him. Even so he scurries off. I notice that the sun is just rising and my stomach is growling to be fed. Maybe that's what scared him off?

I reach into my sack to pull out a loaf of bread and come across the package from the King. I had completely forgotten it. I pull it out, along with the bread and my journal and set these items in front of me. I begin with the bread. I break the loaf in half, crumble up one end for the birds, should there be any around, and begin to nibble on the other half. In my journal I write about my conversation with Violet in as much detail as I can manage. I carefully put it back in my bag before finishing off the bread and turning my attention to the mysterious package.

I have the feeling I'm being watched, but pay it no mind. There is a note attached. It reads, "Lizzy, I thought you could use these." That is all. I open the package and my heart skips a beat. Inside is a rather large heart shaped locket, a silver bracelet, a few cloth bags, a small jar of honey and a simple boot knife. I look up and see the Troll standing cautiously three feet in front of me.

"That's a pretty stone you're holding. What is it?" I ask.

"Obsidian," he replies. "His voice is deep in contrast to his small size. "It absorbs negative energy."

"Does it?" An idea pops into my head, and I hold up the bracelet for him to see. His eyes grow wide. "Would you mind trading it for this bracelet?"

He eyes me skeptically. I lay the bracelet on the ground 1/2 way between us, and begin placing the other items in my bag. Slowly he removes the bracelet and places the obsidian in it's place. Still watching me he puts the bracelet in a pouch he has strung around his neck. Slowly I pick up the stone, I can feel it pulsing in my hand. I decide to pout it in one of the pouches the King gave me and tie it to my belt loop.

"Thank you," I slowly look up to him. He seems to have relaxed.

"I was sent for you," he states. "We all know about your journey. We are here to help."


"Follow me." I grab the rest of my things and follow him through the forest, stepping carefully. We must have traveled miles when he stops and announces our arrival. I look up and my breathe is taken away. All around me are creatures thought only to exist in myth. Sylphs, Faeries, Salamanders as far as the eye can see. This is what I came to find. I am enraptured. I sit, listen and learn. Time has ceased to exist for me.

After learning all I can, and taking care to write down every word, I begin to feel homesick. I want to put all of my new knowledge and insight into practice for my King and country. Having voiced my concern, I'm led to my former clearing and granted and open invitation.

Back at the castle I spend several hours sharing my experience with the King. He is delighted and grants me the rest of the day to go over my notes and rest. The future is bright. Who knows what lies around the next corner?"

I know, as far as stories go, it kinda sucks. lol Not sure what it was supposed to mean, or why I felt the need to share, but there it is. Kinda got me wondering how it would be different if I had written it today instead of 5 years ago. Unless I come up with something really interesting I wanna blog about, next one will probably be my movie list. lol Once through and it shouldn't be too hard to tell which ones are more mine and which are more Aaron's. ^_^

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