Friday, June 15, 2007

"I'm So Scared...."

Holy cow! Right behind you! It's the Blair Witch!!!!! RRRUUUNN!!! Okay, not so much scared. Just, concerned. Stayed up late last night working on the fridge. Pulled open the back panel of the freezer, sprayed the fan with some WD40 and realigned the dealy it's connected to so it's not knocking or making any noise at all. Cleaned the HELL out of the fridge. Tried to take off the panel to the thermostat, but couldn't get two of the screws loose (oh, the irony) so I just left it at that. Aaron already helped me shove it back in place, so I had a helluva time reaching around to plug it back in. The thing says it takes 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize, so in 14 more hours I have the pleasure of checking it. It's running . . . only it's been so long since it has I'm not sure if it's as loud as it's supposed to be? It was pretty loud before, but that was probably just the freezer fan. Yeah, that's it . . . the freezer fan. Heh. I'm scared to check and see if it is any cooler at all . . . cuz if it's not then that just means having someone professional coming to look at it. And no one wants that. It hasn't sounded like it's "kicked on" yet so that kinda worries me.

Oh, if you checked out the pics from when I went to the lake, if you remember the tree that kind of looks like a dragon? Word has it that it fell down. So I'm glad I got to see it and took a pic of it while it was still standing. If you missed that post and wanna see what I'm talking about, here's the link: HERE

Also, was I reading that notice right? We get 1000 pics now? That's a lot. If this is true, and I can get the new photo-uploader thingy to show up, then I'll be putting up and Elvis album. 208 pics we have of him. ^_^

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